Ocho Events – 16 February

16 Feb 2021

Ocho Events

Ocho enables busy urban professionals to have upscale, effortless nights out with friends and family at the touch of a button. At the same time, they help local, independent restaurants attract and retain these high-value customers.

Ocho users download the free app, answer a few questions about what kind of dining experiences they enjoy, and set up groups that they would like to go out with, such as “Date Night” or “Dhara’s Book Club” or even “Surprise me”. Ocho does the rest. They work with our restaurant partners to create special menus that highlight the restaurant’s strengths as well as fresh, seasonal ingredients, and tell the story of how the dishes were created and how the restaurant came to be.

Ocho matches group preferences with these menus and sends invitations for a specific date and time to groups that would love these experiences. Users simply hit Accept or Decline. If enough people accept, the reservation is made. No more long drawn out text messages about who can make it, where should we go, or hunting for an open table. No more nights of giving up, DoorDash and Netflix.

Just quality nights out at the touch of a button.


Currently operating as a B2B2C, Ocho has 100 customers, including 2 nationally known restaurant hosts. Although, their growth has been temporarily halted by pandemic, vaccine distribution and the reopening of restaurants has built up demand and Ocho is ready to start pushing out events and take full advantage.



The co-founders have bootstrapped thus far, but now Ocho is raising $2.1 million in funding, which will be used towards marketing, business development and finishing their host app. They’re looking to hire a CMO and potentially a CEO too, along with a board of advisors.


Tim Hickey, Co-Founder

Michael Ruggiero, Co-Founder and CTO


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