Oliver POS – 3 November

03 Nov 2020

Company Intro

Designed to unite e-commerce with in-store retail, Oliver POS is a powerful point of sale solution that simplifies omnichannel retail for small businesses. With shop management tools, in-depth reports, advanced customization, and a versatile line of POS hardware, Oliver POS is the all-in-one retail operating system.

One of its biggest competitors is Square For Retail. Many of Oliver POS’s current users switched from Square For Retail due to its superior adaptability, versatility, and omnichannel capabilities. What makes Oliver POS stand out amongst the competition is its ability to seamlessly integrate e-commerce with in-store retail at affordable pricing. Oliver POS is also one of the few POS systems that offer its own line of hardware, including a self-service terminal in response to the social distancing policies due to COVID-19.



Since its inception in 2019, Oliver POS has seen steady growth. In May of 2020, they were awarded the Gerry Pond Sales Award by tech startup accelerator Propel, an award that recognizes excellence in creating sales processes. Around this time, Oliver POS also joined forces with payment processing solution PayJunction. As of October 2020, Oliver POS is powering shops in over 100 countries worldwide.

With such a niche market, Oliver POS’s biggest hurdle is reaching its target audience. They plan to overcome this by investing in market research, and expanding their marketing and customer success teams to further secure their outreach.

Because they have an international reach, their goal is to continue growing their multilingual team in order to provide more effective customer support to their international customers.


Mathias Nielsen – Founder and CEO

Jan Stilling – CRO



Oliver POS got a headstart from Atlantic Canadian tech startup accelerator Propel, who provided the resources to get Oliver POS on its feet. The Genesis Centre innovation hub, The Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency, and Venn Innovation also played a big role in Oliver POS’s growth by generously providing funds, opportunities, and other resources.

Oliver POS then went on to receive $25,000 from the Gerry Pond Sales Award, and soon after landed a generous seed funding of $3.2M from European Angels.

With the new funding, Oliver POS has dedicated its budget to expanding the team, specifically its support and development teams. As their international users grow, so does their need for around the clock customer support. They also hope to expand their development team, to continue improving and developing different projects for Oliver POS.

Right now Oliver POS has a team in Denmark, India, and its headquarters in Newfoundland, Canada. They’re hoping to expand all three teams with more customer success and support specialists.


Revenue Model

With the rise of e-commerce and omnichannel retail, Oliver POS is built for the future of retail. Oliver POS’ core goal is to help small retailers run their business more efficiently. Oliver POS accomplishes this by keeping both online and physical retail channels synced and connected, removing the need to manually update sales, customers, and inventory, and allowing retailers to access all their shop’s data (both online and in-store) on a single platform. Omnichannel retail made easy.

On top of this, Oliver POS provides an adaptable solution that can integrate with any marketing, accounting, or sales tool, and can even integrate with custom development for a fully customized POS.

Oliver POS offers a completely free plan with all the essentials to run a shop, and monthly or annual subscription plans with more advanced features starting at $19 a month. They also offer custom development at a custom price, along with a versatile line of POS hardware, from a handheld POS to a self-service checkout terminal.


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