Ontario’s Up and Coming 11 February

11 Feb 2020

Ontario’s Up and Coming – February 11

Ontario’s Up and Coming is a newsletter, provided by Virtus Groups, which profiles the best of Ontario’s emerging startups. Most of the companies we profile are early-stage technology companies that are currently raising funds. Should you want to reach out to any of the companies featured in the newsletter please let us know and Virtus Groups will be happy to make the introduction!

The two startups featured in this edition, Hopeful Inc. and Hello Iris, are developing innovative tech platforms designed to improve existing concepts. They are creating platforms which solve very specific problems within their given industries and will empower users to get the most out of their respective activities. These companies are two great examples of how tech products can provide solutions which otherwise would not exist.

If you would like your company featured in a future edition or know of a great startup that deserves some more attention, reach out to us at [email protected]


Hopeful Inc

The team behind Hopeful Inc. wants to help nonprofits drive donations, reduce operating costs, and make better decisions using data. They are the first social media analytics platform developed specifically for nonprofits, with their primary differentiator being their ability to integrate with major CRM platforms and directly tie social media metrics to the donations that come into a nonprofit from online sources.

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Hello Iris

Hello Iris uses AI to generate personalized mindfulness maps that help people become aware of their unique way of experiencing the world and the situations and responses refracted through that lens. Mindfulness apps provide general mindfulness tips, and it’s the user’s job to interpret and apply the lessons to their life. Hello Iris provides a map that highlights the best opportunities for you to apply mindfulness, based on the patterns and sensitivities highlighted by your unique experience of the world.

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