Ontario’s Up and Coming – March 10

10 Mar 2020

Ontario’s Up and Coming is a newsletter, provided by Virtus Groups, which profiles the best of Ontario’s emerging startups. Most of the companies we profile are early-stage technology companies that are currently raising funds. Should you want to reach out to any of the companies featured in the newsletter please let us know and Virtus Groups will be happy to make the introduction!

The three startups featured in this edition, APY, Swob, and UP360, are developing solutions which could all be described as falling under the HR tech category. While each company is solving different problems within the people management space, their similarities lie in how they are solving these problems. Each company has homed in on a particular question or issue for employees and employers and has developed a cutting-edge tech solution which provides the answer. HR tech is definitely a huge growth area, and these three companies are prime examples.

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APY provides a framework through which individuals can connect with experienced professionals such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Directors, and Vice Presidents, learn and acquire new skills to boost their career, overcome their challenges, and make the right choices to attain their career goals. They have developed two platforms which fosters these mentor-mentee relationships to cater for a range of users. The APY team believes that having a mentor can change your life for the better.

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The Swob team has made a recruiting platform which helps employers in high turnover industries find local talent, using their smart recruiting service. Using the Swob platform employers will now be able to securely filter through the best possible candidates, safely and efficiently. Employers can let Swob bring qualified candidates to them. Job seekers can use the Swob platform to search for a job in the comfort of their own phone. They can quickly create their profile, upload their resume, and begin the job search. They then swipe left on roles they are not interested in, and swipe right to apply to the job. Swob is designed to make job searching for students & job seekers easy and recruitment even easier.

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UP360 is changing the way the workforce learns using immersive technology, like AR and VR, and partner up with not-for-profits and industry experts to create new products and solutions geared towards present and future workforce education. UP360’s focus is more on educational content and workforce development than corporate training. They also work with industry experts for each simulation to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Due to the team’s background in game development, they know how to engage their users better than most and how to create high quality, intuitive experiences that always manage to both excite and inform.

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