Orchestry – 16 March

16 Mar 2021


A SaaS-based high growth start up, Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and across Microsoft 365.

They believe that simplifying the Microsoft 365 experience is the best way to improve the user experience for both users and administrators. With Orchestry, every interaction within Microsoft 365 is based on a simple, beautiful, but extremely powerful interface that makes the complex simple, and the impossible plausible.

Orchestry is in the unique position where they don’t have any competitors that match their core capabilities feature for feature, which leaves them as the sole company in their category. They have seen quite a few software companies in the intranet space develop products to mirror what Orchestry has done on the intranet side, to answer some of the challenges with Microsoft Teams; but it doesn’t solve the same ‘what to use when’ problem that Orchestry solves with core capabilities that span governance, adoption, provisioning and enablement.



Orchestry launched in August 2020, after only 6 months, they signed 30+ Partners as official Orchestry resellers and have approximately 100,000 active users leveraging the Orchestry platform to drive adoption, governance, provisioning and enablement.

They have also been featured in the National Post, Startup Canada Podcast, Microsoft Cloud Show Podcast and the new Microsoft Adoption Partner Solution Gallery for their innovation in solving the common challenges with remote work and collaboration in the Microsoft 365 environment. Orchestry takes pride in the fact that they are 75% female founded in the predominantly male-dominated tech industry.

A privately held company, Orchestry is continuing to expand their Orchestry Partner community, adding new Orchestry resellers weekly. They are also expanding their internal development, marketing, sales and partner teams this year.


Biggest Hurdle

The biggest hurdle for Orchestry to overcome in the coming year is make sure that Orchestry stays innovative in the area of employee experience and governance and keep ahead of the curve of what Microsoft is doing. In addition, Orchestry is quickly experiencing enormous growths, which means scaling effectively and efficiently will be required to provide the same level of service and amazing experiences for Orchestry customers is key.



Michal Pisarek, CEO & Co-Founder: Six-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, former Co-Founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, this serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Office 365 thought leader and former professional chef brings the great depth of product, leadership and user experience expertise to Orchestry.

Denise Ching, COO & Co-Founder: Master operator, former Co-Founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, this serial entrepreneur and chief operating officer specializes in strengthening teams and the product delivery experience.

Erica Hakonson, CMO & Co-Founder: The award-winning entrepreneur and digital marketing maven delivers a customer-first mentality, maniacally results-driven focus, and digital expertise to Orchestry. Hakonson works to simplify the technology landscape for customers through strengthening communication and education to enable better user adoption.

Sarah Wilson, CTO & Co-Founder: Office 365 Solutions Architect, Sitecore CMS Developer and Microsoft SharePoint Applications Developer, this chief technology officer and solutions architect has been building and simplifying Office 365 applications for more than a decade.



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