Out Loud Speakers School – 16 December

16 Dec 2020

OutLoud Speakers School

OutLoud Speakers School is a training and development company specializing in public speaking, content creation, virtual communication skills, and pitch coaching for founders and their teams; based on acting techniques, psychology, entrepreneur best practices, and storytelling.

Their main competitors are Toastmasters International, Heroic Public Speaking, and Ovation. OutLoud’s competitive advantage is their signature method and intellectual property, which largely consists of superior educational content such as tangible exercises, lessons, and techniques over their competitors. This has helped produce significant results for some of the most respected mentors, founders and VCs in Canada’s entrepreneur community.

In addition, their competitors help their clients with their general speaking and storytelling skills, whereas OutLoud directly targets business owners and entrepreneurs/entrepreneurial teams.


So far, OutLoud has worked with companies such as Google, DMZ, Wayfair, Ericsson, and TechStars, with their clients raising over $60 million USD in funding so far.

They’ve doubled their revenue each year since being founded in 2017, aside from 2020 where COVID-19 has an adverse impact on their revenue. However, they managed to stay profitable and have 6 strategic partnerships with companies in the entrepreneur consultation space.

Their biggest hurdle is lack of brand awareness and a sufficient number of full-time employees; they plan to hire a full-time operations director and a dedicated sales team of 2 in conjunction with publishing a book with their methods, to increase publicity.



Will Greenblatt, Co-founder & Managing Director – Will previously co-founded Westgroup Ltd., a business and cultural coaching agency in Hangzhou China, which raised $250,000. He’s a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada; member of the DENT Global KPI Accelerator Program

Nicky Guadagni, Co-founder – A Business Coach for over 25 years, she was previously a part of the Humphrey Group and Karen Hannah. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she’s also a Gemini and Dora Award-winning actress)


Although they haven’t started raising capital yet, Out Loud intends to initiate a funding round sometime in the future in order to expand their sales and operations, marketing, and R&D teams. They plan to hire a full-time manager and a dedicated sales team of 2, as well as a part-time media team and 4 additional coaches.

OutLoud has been bootstrapped from the beginning, with its co-founders putting in $10,000 of their own money to cover their startup costs, and quickly becoming profitable thanks to their lean operating model and delivering their services virtually to avoid costly rental and travel costs.


Revenue Model

Their customer segments are individual founders, entrepreneurial enterprises, accelerators, and corporations. They offer virtual public speaking and communication skills training, for groups and individuals within these organizations, to help them raise money, improve sales, grow their audience, and/or attract and nurture talent.

They provide their flagship Powerful Pitch Program as a subscription model, allowing subscribers access to their online content, workshops, resources, and 1-1 coaching, as well as a network of peers. Other services include executive coaching and pitch consultation.


Website, @willgreenblatt on all social media channels.

Address: 39 Follis Ave, Toronto ON M6G 1S5


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