Outbreaker Solutions – 2 February

02 Feb 2021

Outbreaker Solutions

Outbreaker Solutions is researching and developing the fastest-acting antimicrobial touch surface in the world — Antimicrobial Compressed Sodium Chloride (CSC). They take regular salt, transform the properties and then integrate it with commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and touch plates. Antimicrobial CSC eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the surface in under 2 minutes.

There are several different types of Antimicrobial Surfaces, but they typically compare Antimicrobial CSC to copper, as copper is one of the most well-known and widely available antimicrobial surfaces. Antimicrobial CSC is differentiated from copper on two main levels. First is speed. Antimicrobial CSC eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in under two minutes while copper takes two hours. Secondly, Antimicrobial CSC is made from a safe, affordable and accessible raw material — regular table salt.


Outbreaker has been building their research program for several years and in the last 8 months they have built considerable momentum. Thanks to a grant from Roche Canada, they have virus research underway at the University of Alberta, including the coronavirus. This January they’ve launched a pilot of their first commercial product with the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Transit Service.

The regulatory hurdles are likely the largest over the next year. As the Antimicrobial Surfaces field is relatively new, there are undefined regulatory pathways and Outbreaker is looking to improve the standard in the field by creating an entirely new category in terms of the product’s speed at eliminating microorganisms.



Outbreaker Solutions completed an angel investment round in 2019 and then in 2020 secured several sources of non-dilutive funding including grants from Roche Canada, Alberta Innovates and the Canadian College of Health Leaders. They are currently not raising capital, but will be exploring funding later in 2021

If funded, the money will be used to focus on commercialization activities of novel products as well as gain regulatory approval in Canada and the United States. Outbreaker is getting set to grow the team considerably in 2021. They’ll be looking to add team members on the business development, marketing and sales teams as the year goes on.


The company is led by the two Co-Founders, Matt Hodgson and Brayden Whitlock. Matt runs the business development side of things after completing a BComm and MBA at the University of Alberta. Meanwhile, Brayden runs the research program, while completing a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Alberta.



Revenue Model

As Antimicrobial CSC is a product that is best integrated with existing commonly touched surfaces, Outbreaker Solutions is looking to form partnerships to accelerate the commercialization and distribution of new products. The technology is patented in Canada and the United States, so a number of partnership opportunities are available.

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