Paqt – 02 June

02 Jun 2020


Paqt is an Agreement Setup & Execution Platform for importers/exporters, supply-chain, and food industry businesses. Paqt solves the trust, accountability and efficiency problems in dealmaking through a mix of Digital ID, Chat, Legal tools, Blockchain and QR code payments which enables more flexibility in contracting. These tools allow for the storage of communication from existing channels like email on a legally binding external layer, conversational agreements in-chat, signatures on top of any media, and setting-up smart-contracts. Paqt can reduce the average agreement cycle by at least 20% and save up to 2.5% of annual revenue, as per Goldman Sachs & Aberdeens’ group research.


Paqt is an incredible team capable of delivering amazing products – a licensed lawyer, a business expert and a talented technologist. With the incredible support from their advisors and mentors they have been able to grow fast and in the right direction. They have validated 50 IT service providers, hundreds of face-to-face conversations, a legal firm, and a vertical farming company in Toronto are interested and ready to pay for their solution when it goes live. The team is getting additional legal support from Queen’s & Western University Business law clinics. Paqt’s concept and early work has been validated by their wins in two startup pitch events, StartupBlink’s periodic pitch event and Entre’s NY pitch. Worth noting in particular is Paqt’s success at Entre’s Pitch event, which happened recently. You can read about it in detail here.



Anatolii Shkliaruk, CEO/CMO, Co-Founder – Anatolii is a business & marketing expert, compliance, AML, CRM analytics. He has previously founded QuickFix the first on-demand iPhone repair service in Ukraine, where technicians visited customers and fixed their phones there and then. Anatolii was chosen as the best delegate of Kyiv International Model United Nations (KIMUN) and sent to a UN meeting in Geneva. Off the back of that success he became the Secretary-General of the 5th anniversary KIMUN and part of the organizing team. Anatolii has also acquired professional experience working in BMO’s AML Investigative unit.

William Muir, Chief Legal & Product Officer, Co-Founder – William is a practicing lawyer and legal-tech expert. He was the Co-Editor-In-Chief of Vol. 73 of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review and has also published “Class AMPs: Withdrawing the Corporate Veil on Judgment Proofing” (2014) UT Fac L Rev 72(2). William is a recipient of the Martin L. Friedland Prize for best article of the year written for Volume 72 of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review. He also presented the publication at the 2014 Canadian Law and Economics Association (CLEA) conference. William is also a recipient of theSSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Research Scholarship, awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Sviatoslav Svitlychnyi, Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder – Sviatoslav is a talented full-stack dev with a baggage of previous startup experience. He was a CTO & CMO of MOPS, a multifunctional manufacturing studio in Lviv, Ukraine. They work with wood, leather, plastic, light metals, and 3D printing. The studio provides industrial product design and manufacturing for B2C and B2B customers. Was a Product Owner at ShopDrobe, a startup established to make the process of searching for your style in clothes exciting and straightforward; and a product owner at CoinsHarbor – an analytics and trading platform for crypto-traders, which integrates with Crypto exchanges and provide valuable insights about trader’s strategies and the crypto-market. Additionally he was a CTO at Krasa, a CRM system for beauty salons, linked with a mobile application for online scheduling, purchases & recording customer information. Sviatoslav also has founded and led his web-development agency providing great digital solutions for businesses.



Paqt has been fully self-financed up until now. They are currently looking to raise $500,000 USD. They have staged their development from a minimally viable product to an optimal powerful solution. They have prepared projections and cost breakdowns and are now in a position to deliver a commercial product in 3 months. The funds they hope to raise would be allocated to develop the sellable product version, market the solution, and cover some legal and administrative expenses. They also hope to onboard more developers and a few hybrid Customer Success/Marketing experts.

Revenue Model

Paqt will operate a Freemium business model.


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