Paragon Vitamins – 30 June

30 Jun 2020

Paragon Vitamins

Paragon Vitamins is the only company to provide vitamins precisely for you based on your nutrient levels and intra-cellular metabolic levels. They use a unique hair tissue mineral analysis diagnostic, combined with a proprietary online questionnaire to give you a custom formula unique to your needs. You receive fresh vitamin packs every 28 days delivered right to your doorstep.

No other company can provide the comprehensive metabolic bio-blueprint which Paragon Vitamins has developed. Tests that only use blood (partial picture as your blood sometimes only has less than 1% of a nutrient – ie magnesium), or DNA (only indicates a marker for a deficiency, not whether its actually deficient) are not as thorough as Paragon Vitamins’ distinct assessments.


Since launching in September, 2019 Paragon Vitamins’ growth has exceeded 50% month on month. During the recent COVID-19 lock down this growth has accelerated as consumers have been more keen to embrace their health and immunity goals. The leadership group of Paragon Vitamins are confident that the run rate for Year 1 of the company’s operations will approach $1M.

The challenge which now faces the company is to continue to scale manufacturing operations to meet heightened demand. In response to this challenge they are looking to establish a second packaging site to manage USA growth and further expansion.



Paragon Vitamins’ team consists of four Co-Founders.

Jeff B. Smith, Co-Founder & Co-CEO – Jeff is a former North American Company Group Chairman at Johnson & Johnson before retiring in May 2019.

Sam Bock, Co-Founder & Co-CEO – Sam pioneered the testing methodology and algorithm that provides custom vitamin solutions to fuel detoxify and repair the body.

Betsy Taggart, Co-Founder & COO – Betsy is a former Marketing Director at Aveeno Skincare.

Courtney Smith, Co-Founder & & Chief Growth Officer – Courtney is a former Director of Communication Planning at UM Worldwide media agency.



Paragon Vitamins’ initial funding came from the founder group. They also raised $1.5M USD in August 2019 through an Angel investment.

In the next 12 months the company will look to add a CTO and additional marketing resources. Marketing acceleration is one of the areas they have identified as crucial to the company’s growth.

Revenue Model

Paragon Vitamins operate a Direct To Customer business model. They sell products to their customers on a recurring subscription model.


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