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07 Apr 2020 is a SaaS application that provides teams with the necessary resources enabling them to scale their existing partner ecosystem. allows your team to keep track of who is bringing you new business, how much they are getting paid, and what value they provide your company. The product automatically tracks close-rates, revenue, and commission payments all in one central platform. They have made it easy to adopt by integrating with top payment, accounting, and customer management providers like PayPal, QuickBooks, and HubSpot.

Keeping your brand top of mind, is easy to set up and customize with your company’s logo, color scheme, and domain name.


The company has had early success and is trending towards $10,000 MRR. They have attended SaaS North 2018 & 2019 and were selected for the pitch contest at SaaS North 2019. Also in 2019 they attended Collision Conference as an alpha, WebSummit, again as an alpha, and secured $300,000 in grants from the Canadian Government.

Having a fast, flexible and cost effective PRM (Partner Relationship Management) will allow a companies’ partner ecosystem to thrive, and this is what enables. are the only multi-tenant SaaS solution on the market. They are fast, reliable and one-fifth the cost of their competitors. Their clients can be set up and running in under 30 minutes or less.



Josh Garellek, Chief Executive Officer – 15 years Sales and Marketing Experience

Jonathan Coy, Chief Product Officer/Chief Revenue Officer – 10 years in product development and UX

Steve Kanter, Chief Technical Officer – 10 years experience in development

Eddie Patzch, Business Development – 10+ years in Enterprise SaaS Sales


Funding are currently looking to raise $500,000 USD. They have not raised any capital to date and have been fully bootstrapped. Raised funds will be used for sales and marketing and some product development activities. The leadership team plans to expand the business by increasing revenues, onboarding tech talent, and being more vocal in the community.

Revenue Model

PartnerPortal operated a SaaS-based revenue model. They offer three plans – free, $399/month, and $999+/month.


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