Plannin’ Companion – 19 May

19 May 2020

Plannin’ Companion

Plannin’ Companion Strategic Event Management is your go-to event service provider. Whether you are hosting a convention, an AGM, a world assembly, fundraising for a charity, or you need an event planner for your wedding day, they do it all. Contrary to popular belief, they know you can elevate your event without having to elevate your budget. They understand the pressure felt from boards and memberships for event coordination and site selection, and the pressure felt from family and friends for wedding planning. Plannin’ Companion have the tools to ensure you feel prepared and that your event runs smoothly, without breaking the bank.


Plannin’ Companion have had the opportunity to work with a large variety of amazing associations, corporations, and organizations from around the country. They have worked with the Conference Board of Canada, Inclusion Winnipeg, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, GoGeomatics Canada, the Canadian Federal Pilots Association, the list goes on. They have a lot of pride in the variety of customers they have worked with and in the capability they have to mold themselves to each individual’s unique needs.

As COVID-19 has had a huge impact on hospitality, tourism and events, Plannin’ Companion have had to adapt by entering the virtual event space. They are hosting quite a few virtual events, from AGMs to virtual exhibition halls.Yet again they have shown that they can tailor an event to whatever needs their client may have.



Tessa Lavoie, Founder/Owner – In 2018 Tessa organized the Canadian Owners Pilots Association convention which was nominated by Saint John Tourism for convention of the year.

Kelsie Duplin, Founder – Due to Kelsie’s involvement with Plannin’ Companion’s client ‘Inclusion Winnipeg’, the charity was able to double their fundraising profit from 2018 to 2019.



Plannin’ Companion are not currently seeking funding. As long as they continue in the upward trajectory they are headed in, their goal is to expand the team with marketing and sales specific staff and grow a dedicated wedding planning department.

Revenue Model

For their event coordination, their clients are company/organization representatives that have been tasked to create a large scale event (whether it be an AGM, conference, convention, etc.), and feel restricted by the lack of resources they have (such as time, money and/or staffing). Plannin’ Companion then create a customized quote and payment program to fill the need. With most of the events being annual, the contract is often reoccurring or multi-year in order to ensure sustainable growth. In addition, the majority of the business is developed and run digitally allowing for their expenses to be kept to a minimum.


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