PonyPal App – 26 January

26 Jan 2021


PonyPal enables users to schedule personalized messages. Encapsulating the feel of writing a letter, users choose from creative stationeries and decide the timeframe or specific date their digital message arrives. Smartphone developments have revolutionized how people stay connected, but the expectation to always be “online” has grown alongside them. PonyPal is a tool to send meaningful messages without the pressure to respond instantaneously. Their messages are encrypted, data is not sold to third-party advertisers, and they are developing local partnerships for gift attachments as well. In a world of instant everything, PonyPal is a platform to help stay connected stress-free.

PonyPal is competing against numerous other scheduled messaging platforms and gift sending platforms; however, with their focus on creative templates, special functional and design features, and sending gifts from local companies they are able to differentiate themselves.


PonyPal is in the KiwiTech Startup portfolio and has 500+ users after our initial marketing campaign launch. They are currently implementing early adopter feedback before launching our next full campaign. Their biggest hurdle is implementing the feedback successfully, particularly around sending PonyPal messages to non-users so PonyPal users can more seamlessly connect with friends and family. Simultaneously they are working to onboard local companies to have their goods and services gifted through PonyPal.



Thus far, PonyPal has received funds via friends, family, and KiwiTech. PonyPal is implementing customer feedback for version 2 to be released by the end of Q2 2021, and they will follow that by opening a seed fundraising round. The funding will be used as such:

30% will be used for technical development to enhance our user experience on the application and implement our monetization strategies

10% will be used on building PR partnerships and advisory roles

20% will be used for business development, onboarding local companies onto the marketplace

40% will be used on marketing to end-users

PonyPal is looking to add a marketing specialist to the team to help with their next full campaign and build up the tech, business development, and marketing team further.


Revenue Model

PonyPal’s monetization plan includes charging individually for premium message delivery features, designs, and graphics.

They also aim to partner with companies and help boost their own brand by advertising on a platform in which they are not buying users’ data to do so. They can instead sponsor groups and reach users with an openly declared interest in a topic-specific group messaging feature.

PonyPal also will take a small percent of any gift cards/products bought and sent on the platform, alongside their local company partners.

Finally, their freemium model will allow “PonyPal Plus” users access to all the additional premium features.



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