Practice Alpha – 21 April

21 Apr 2020

Practice Alpha

Practice Alpha provides unique software for the dental, medical, optical, massage and chiropractic industries. Their revolutionary platform provides efficient communication tools, generates reviews and provides full business analytics at your fingertips!

Practice Alpha is the most cost efficient option when compared to their competitors. They provide excellent service, and focus their business model on developing and maintaining strong relationships.


The majority of their clients are in the dental industry, however they are expanding into other avenues of the medical sector. They have been growing steadily over the last 10 years and have acquired clients across Canada. This growth rate has been enabled by meeting with corporate dental groups to establish pricing and partnerships.

Practice Alpha has concentrated on developing new features in order to stay ahead of their competitors. They have also put a lot of energy into attending trade shows and increasing marketing to attract new clients. They are currently looking to hire more staff members to join their development team with a view to boosting efficiencies.

In terms of business development Practice Alpha are registered for trade shows across Canada and the US and are working on a new website which will attract new clients from different markets. They are also pushing additional advertising with magazine ads, in addition to having articles by staff published in Oral Health magazine and other journals.



Dean Weber, Owner

Russ Chopek, Vice President of National Operations

Savannah Koran, Project Manager



So far Practice Alpha have built the business, and expanded, using self-generated funds. They are now looking to raise $500,000. This funding would help provide for the expansion of their product into other industries, and into the US Market, which would in turn boost their growth rate.

Revenue Model

Practice Alpha provides an all-in-one product on a SaaS business model. They realized that their customers’ need an integrated product which automates their workload rather than manually contacting their clients. This integrated software provides their clients with communication tools, review generation, and business analytics which helps them plan and forecast their growth and attrition.


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