Pura Air Purification – 30 June

30 Jun 2020

Pura Air Purification

AIRPLUS Industrial is a leading and integrated provider of industrial clean-air solutions and compressed-air applications in Western Canada. With over 30 years experience in dust, mist, and fume collection, plus compressed-air applications in industrial sectors, they bring ongoing solutions to industrial compressed-air and clean-air needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions about close personal interactions that were previously considered by a relative few. For ordinary citizens, service providers, regulators and public health advocates, these questions are becoming increasingly focused on infection prevention through improved indoor air quality. 

The specific question being asked of companies such as AIRPLUS is this: how can services that were once provided without deliberate, visible recognition of the value of air quality now be offered in a way that alleviates concerns and anxieties brought about since the onset of COVID-19?

In response to these questions, AIRPLUS Industrial is now leading a team of industry experts in the development of a new scientific approach to air purification for facilities called Pura Air Purification. 


R&D on effective COVID-prevention filtration solutions has been incredibly fast paced. The leadership team is now actively presenting to investors, distributors, and customers. On foot of this activity they already have a waiting list for their new, upcoming products. 

There are no direct competitors within Pura Air Purification’s centralized system market that uses this particular technological design. The product they intend to develop and launch is a very unique application of existing/proven technology, taking industrial ventilation practices and applying to commercial medical and dental settings. When their addressable market is analyzed the company is seen to have incredible growth prospects.



Feisal Nasser and Mike Meade, Co-Owners of AIRPLUS Industrial, are leading the consortium which has brought Pura Air Purification into existence. The team they have been working with includes AIRPLUS Industrial Corp., the AME Consulting Group, Signify Lighting (Philips Lighting), dentist Dr. Wilson Kwong, and strategy consultant Robert Murray.



While Pura Air Purification has its roots in existing players it is an entirely new entity. They are, then, looking to raise $1,000,000 – $3,000,000. This funding will be used to expand the product line, boost sales/marketing capacity, and enable manufacturing and distribution. Staffing is the biggest hurdle which currently faces the company – they need to hire in all functions as growth here could be substantial.

Revenue Model

Pura Air Purification will earn revenue through Direct sales. Much of this activity will be carried out through distribution partners.


For more information visit:

Pura Air Website, AIRPLUS website

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