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03 Mar 2020

Quickpass Software

Quickpass Software has developed the managed service provider toolset for identity management which everyone has been waiting for.

They aim to help MSPs boost service desk productivity and security with self-serve password reset, customer identity verification, centralized user account management, and automated password rotation solutions.

A leading advantage Quickpass’ solution has over some of its competitors is that it works with IT Glue, the industry’s leading IT Documentation platform. The Quickpass team also quickly comes out with improved functionality and features which their competitors will not or cannot currently offer.


Their product went live in September 2019. Since then 43 customers have adopted it. It has been received very successfully, with only 1 of the 43 customers not still using the product. As mentioned they have also partnered with IT Glue which will attract uptake. This has led them to experience an average monthly growth rate of 62.6%.

Their focus now is on maximizing the efficacy of their lead generation and growth activities to ensure their internal sales targets are met. They will achieve this by leveraging their partnership with IT Glue, expanding their digital marketing efforts, hosting webinars to educate prospective customers of the benefits of their product, and continuing to attend industry trade shows. It is safe to say that 2020 will be a busy year for the Quickpass team.



Mateo Barraza, CEO and Co-Founder – Mateo is also the CEO of Tail Recursive. He has acquired over twenty years experience in software development and consulting during his career.

Jim Jessup, COO and Co-Founder – Jim was previously the President at Affinity Managed Services between 2011 and 2019 before selling the company to Fully Managed. Jim also has over twenty years experience in IT services and management.



The company is currently financed by the founder team. They are looking to raise $500,000. They will use this funding to accelerate the growth of the company. Raised funds will be used to drive inbound and outbound sales efforts, enhance marketing activities, add customer success staff, and attend further trade shows.

Revenue Model

Quickpass operates a SAAS business model. Their product is sold on a monthly or annual fee ranging from $100/month to $1,200/month, depending on the level of service.


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