Quokka Brew – 25 August

25 Aug 2020

Quokka Brew

Quokka Brew is the market’s first caffeinated jitterless coffee. They have created a blend of all organic amino acids and nootropics that is scientifically proven to eliminate the jitters, anxiety, and crash from caffeine without sacrificing any of the energy.

They have crafted one of the healthiest coffees on the market, dairy-free and vegan with only 3 grams of sugar and 90 calories per can. This enables everyone to enjoy a tasty coffee that’s guilt-free. To top it all off, each Quokka Brew has as much caffeine as a cup and a half of normal coffee (135mg), all packaged in an 8.4oz infinitely-recyclable aluminum can.

Competing in a similar space are Super Coffe and Yerba Mate which also offer an energy-boosting, and more health-conscious alternative to regular coffee. The competitive advantage that sets Quokka Brew apart is that they have significantly better health facts and have demonstrated the ability to eliminate the side effects of caffeine.



Since their initial launch on Indiegogo, Quokka Brew had received over $39,000 in preorders and had the highest funded launch day of any crowdfunded beverage ever with $26,000.

After just concluding a crowdfunding campaign, they were able to raise more than $50k, organically. Additionally, Quokka Brew has sold more than 16,000 bottles of their past variant in 6 months, with a 70% customer retention rate.

Quokka Brew’s biggest hurdle to overcome in the following year will be breaking into the natural food space along with trying to educate consumers on why jitterless coffee will leave them feeling happier and healthier than ever before.



George Passantino, CEO, and Co-founder – Recent UC Berkeley Alumni

Ofek Arush, CEO and Co-founder – Recent UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Alumni

Kevin Borgh, COO – Recent UC Berkeley Alumni



Following their successful traction and achievements, Quokka Brew is planning for continued growth and is looking to raise #300k-$500. With secured funds, they plan to allocate it towards further expansion which will allow them to afford the upfront capital costs to increase their economies of scale and reduce their cost of goods. They are also looking towards investing into new channels and markets.

Quokka Brew is proud to have been bootstrapped since the beginning and it is amazing to see the immense growth they’ve achieved through their internal efforts. As aforementioned, they have also just successfully completed a small crowdfunding campaign.

Their current business objective focus is on college campus student stores where they have found to be an incredibly underutilized market that has high potential when utilized correctly.

Following their uprising momentum, within the next 6-12 months, Quokka Brew plans to bring on an experienced VP of Sales and directed focus on strategic partners.


Revenue Model

The company is currently taking an omnichannel approach for sales with a focus on the natural food space and DTC.



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