RV SnapPad – 19 January

19 Jan 2021

RV SnapPad

RV SnapPad produces a wildly popular RV accessory, the SnapPad, that is available across North America. RV SnapPad is the world’s only permanent jack pad. Made from durable recycled rubber tires, SnapPads “snap-on” to your RV’s levelling jacks and stay on for good. They are essentially rubber “shoes” for your RV’s feet. Due to their unique shape and rubber construction, SnapPads increase your RV’s footprint and make your rig feel more stable on a wide variety of terrains, including grass, mud, sand, and gravel. They also protect your metal levelling feet from scrapes and bends and man-made surfaces like concrete and asphalt from jack damage.


After growing an average of 124% year-over-year in their first five years, RV SnapPad was recently named one of the fastest-growing startups in Canada by Canadian Business Magazine.

After launching the company as a strict direct to consumer brand, the company started selling to online resellers and RV retailers in 2018. Since then, RV SnapPad has expanded to over 300 RV dealerships in the US and Canada and is currently carried by six major RV distributors.

SnapPad is preparing for hyper-growth in 2021 and beyond. The pandemic along with existing brand momentum caused a large spike in demand in 2020, which completely overwhelmed the company’s existing production capacity. As a result, RV SnapPad is working on quadrupling their manufacturing capacity en-route to a potential 3X or 4X growth in revenues.



SnapPad is a bootstrapped company that has raised a nominal amount of capital from friends and family to get started. Their growth plans are mostly fueled by revenue, but they may have the need for capital injection in order to increase manufacturing capacity, as well as the internal team.

The funding will be used for primarily more tooling and manufacturing capacity, but also for packaging, inventory, and hiring. RV SnapPad plans to expand their customer service and sales teams in order to manage the large swell in demand once their production capacity is able to keep up with demand.


Barrett Wilson, CTO: SEO specialist with a background in all things digital. Advanced level SEO knowledge & experience, including on-site, off-site, international & multilingual, content marketing, keyword research & implementing, local SEO, back link building & auditing, and much more.

Devon Wilson, COO and Founder: Devon Wilson has extensive business experience in project management, innovation, product design, and organizational development. As Founder and Chief Operating Officer of SnapPad, Devon brings over 8 years of experience owning and operating multiple businesses. He previously created WilGrip, A CPG Company focused on industrial PPE, and successfully brought the product to market after 2 years of design and testing phases.

Kent Wilson, CMO: Kent is SnapPad’s Chief Marketing Officer with over 10 years of experience in digital content, social media strategy, web design, and PPC campaign development. His experience ranges from managing a network of sites with over 100 million pageviews a year to crafting unique social media campaigns for National and International brands.


Revenue Model

SnapPad was originally only available on their website (rvsnappad.com), but they have gone “omnichannel” since 2018. SnapPads are now available on Amazon, and online retailers like Walmart, Ebay, RVUpgrades, and Etrailer. Over 300 RV dealerships across North America currently stock SnapPads as well.


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