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24 Mar 2020

Seattle Hemp Co.

Seattle Hemp Co. aims to become pioneers in the hemp industry, starting with CBD and advancing to textiles and, ultimately, replacing single-use plastics with hemp fiber products. They work with US-based brands who produce innovative CBD products. They distribute products for these brands through a centralized store which brings together these unique products in one place, making them easily available while also promoting the work done by these brands. They intend to move into the manufacture and distribution of their own hemp-based products as well as operating this distribution network.


Starting as distributors, Seattle Hemp Co. have established exclusive partnerships with top CBD brands across the United States to distribute their products in the North West via B2B and, more recently, B2C via events and through their new ecommerce platform. They have also secured a partnership with Teamsters Local 117 to market to their 17,000 members. Targeted marketing campaigns such as this will be crucial to growing awareness and driving early stage revenue.

The company needs to ensure that their starting point in CBD distribution is going to be well executed, which will then partially fund future expansion opportunities. As the hemp/CBD industry is a new one, with several hurdles to overcome such as regulatory and social issues, Seattle Hemp Co. also needs to be focused on education and advocacy along the way.



Babar Ali, CEO – With a background in finance & strategy, Babar focuses on bringing stability to the industry and laying the groundwork for a successful start-up. His previous experience has been in financial services, with Liberty Mutual, and retail with

Satbir Gill, Chief Sales Officer – With an entrepreneurial background in retail and, most recently a successful career in Real Estate and development, Satbir leads the company’s growing sales force.



Seattle Hemp Co. are currently looking to raise $1.5m. With this funding they intend to execute on their aggressive geographic and product line expansion plans. The next step in their plan is to develop high quality and sustainable hemp textiles for use in apparel, bags, etc., and then move on to the considerably more complex manufacture of single-use plastic substitutes. The product development and marketing associated with these is going to require a capital infusion with excellent returns expected.

Revenue Model

The company’s revenue streams are currently focused on B2B distribution of differentiated and award winning CBD products in the Northwest of the United States.


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