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25 Nov 2019


Sherwa is a new platform that will allow gamers to find in-game coaching and help instantly, with the touch of one button. Amateur gamers will be able to find pro gamers through the platform and learn from them. Given the explosion in popularity in eSports, gamers are looking to level up whatever way they can and Sherwa will be there to help them do so.



Sherwa’s team has recently finished the Alpha version of their application, which will be their primary user interaction platform. This app is currently being tested by early partners, and their feedback will be instrumental in launching the Beta version early next year. The Sherwa team has managed to gain incredibly impressive traction from massive influencers, hit game titles, and eSports industry veterans. Sherwa is also in the process of adding significant partners to their advisory board team.



Luiz Persechini: Co-Founder. Luiz is a former multinational executive with 15 years of experience in Finance. Luiz is also moderate gamer.

Andre Gross: Co-Founder. Andre is a Game Designer, who graduated from Vancouver Film School, with 8 years of game and app development experience. Andre is a hardcore gamer – you name it, he’s played it.

Pedro Vasconcelos: Co-Founder. Pedro is a digital media expert with over 5 years of experience in online advertising and marketing Pedro is also a hardcore gamer.


Sherwa started out with founder bootstrapping before moved to pre-seed Round for $500,000 US which was oversubscribed. They are planning to hold their next round once the full version of the product is launched. As the product will have a B2C focus, scale will be key to Sherwa’s success meaning they will look to rapidly scale through aggressive user acquisition and retention strategies. These activities will be the focus of their next round of financing.


Revenue Streams

Sherwa’s initial revenue stream will come from the connection of pro gamers to amateur gamers where they will take a percentage fee of the cost of the transaction. They are also exploring additional ways of monetizing their platform as it is being built out.


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