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25 Feb 2020 helps brands automate and scale their Influencer marketing campaigns. With brands no longer need to search for, vet, or negotiate with Influencers. They focus on the micro-Influencers, who are eager to grow and collaborate with brands and have been shown to foster more sustainable engagement between brands and customers. have built a community where micro-Influencers come to grow, and they are joining in their thousands every week. Influencers who sign up to the platform are rewarded with tips, tricks, and, best of all, free products, in exchange for showing off their creative talents for the brands they work with!

Traction experienced a growth rate of over 300% last year, and has worked with some well-known and successful brands such as Garden of Life, Hello Fresh, Crayola, Colgate, Walmart, Wealthbar, Zero-Water, Replant Amazon, FreeYumm, Naked Snacks, and even the Angus Reid Forum. They have also helped some amazing agencies streamline their Influencer processes enabling them manage multiple campaigns for their clients in a more efficient manner. These agencies have included District Ventures, Oligarchy, and Green Fresh marketing.

Their aim, going forward, is to be the leading platform for TikTok and Instagram Influencers, specifically among the Millenial and Gen Z micro-Influencer cohort. As TikTok is new on the market and is, so far, resistant to partnerships so integration with the platform will be a challenge, but, given their early successes, the team are confident they can overcome it.



Vinod Varma, CEO & Co-Founder – Vinod’s background is in sales, business development and marketing. He has acquired incredible experience leading new product launches for brands like FitBit, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and more with Best Buy Canada.

Vytas Lenauskas, VP – A top 30 under 30, Vytas has been innovating in the marketing space with CPG brands for years. Former experience includes experiential marketing roles for several companies and has founded and exited his own ventures as well.

Andrew Reid, Advisory Board – Andrew is a local investor, and founder of Vision Critical, a company which boasts over $100 Million in revenue and 830 employees. He has successfully raised over $40 million for ventures he has been involved in. Andrew is also a Canada top 40 under 40 recipient.

Peter McLachlan, Advisory Board – Peter leads a strategy for mobile on the Google Chrome team. He is the previous Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Mobify, a front-end as a service platform for enterprise commerce.

Zayn Jaffer, Advisory Board – Zayn is an expert in brand strategy, and in bringing new products to market in the CE space. He currently manages a team responsible for purchasing, marketing, and sales of over $250M for emerging brands.

Tim Murphy, Director – Tim is a practicing lawyer in business and intellectual property law. He acts as a director and advisor on the boards of several tech companies.

Craig Faulker, Director – Craig is a CTO and serial entrepreneur who has been part of starting, growing, and managing a variety of business ventures while raising over $15 million as part of the process.



To date, have raised $425,000 in a seed round. They are looking to raise a further $1.5m.

This additional financing will be used to put some fuel on the fire and fund a number of growth-focused tasks. Using the seed round, and the last 2 years to perfect the product and understand the market fit, now has a community of over 40,000 registered micro-Influencers who are all eager to collaborate with some amazing brands. New funds will be used to build out their B2B funnel, and reach over 200,000 registered Influencers in 2020. The platform has been proven to work, provides brands with results, and now needs a robust ad-strategy to capture significant market share.

With 6 full time staff, ShopandShout believe their platform’s level of automation means hiring more staff is not necessary. CEO Vinod wants to grow to 10 employees this year, and evaluate their performances based on established KPIs to understand where future resources should be allocated.

Revenue Model employs a SaaS, Monthly Recurring Revenue business model. Brands pay a monthly subscription fee to have the platform automate and scale their Influencer campaigns.


For more information and updates visit:


Instagram: ishopandshout

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