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28 Jan 2020

Skellam AI

Skellam AI brings you enterprise scale hyper-personalized marketing at your fingertips. Embrace the journey towards a smarter engagement with your customer. Transform your customer interactions to customer loyalty, make more sales. Skellam AI provides you with the most advanced hyper-personalization technologies while staying within your budget. You can create a multitude of offers and campaign workflows within the platform, then let their advanced AI take care of personalizing the offers and sending them to the right customers at the right time.

Let your customers play offer construct games and walk away with plenty in their basket. Send product feedback requests to your customers and analyze the feedback through advanced text analytics. With Skellam AI you will know how your campaigns are performing in real time with the help of advanced analytics tools. The Skellam AI team wants to welcome you to the new world of hyper-personalized customer engagement.


A Pacific Northwest-based global leader in coffee is currently using Skellam AI’s software to provide contextualized and personalized product recommendations through their mobile app. Skellam AI are launching their SaaS-based B2C personalized marketing platform for small to medium businesses through Shopify in May, 2020.

Another goal for 2020 is to add at least two more enterprise customers to their roster of partners and to achieve real traction on their SaaS platform.



Arun Veettil, Founder, President & Chief Architect – Arun is a tech veteran with over eighteen years of industry experience. For the last seven years, Arun has been working at the intersection of machine learning and product development. Previously, he worked at Point Inside, Nordstrom Advanced Analytics, the Walt Disney Company, Boeing, and IBM. His expertise includes developing machine learning algorithms to work against very large amounts of data and building large-scale distributed applications. Arun holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India.

Rangan Bandypadyay, Chief Commercial Officer – Rangan is an entrepreneurial innovator and creative marketer with a focus on building companies and brands. He is well-versed in all aspects of all growth stages with a unique blend of over 23 years and 2 tech bubbles worth of experience, which includes technology development, digital strategy & marketing, complex selling, and innovative commercialization of business models, technology, and brand building.



Skellam AI are currently looking to raise $10M.

This funding will be used to scale up their existing operations. This will involve adding and bolstering functions such as customer service, inside sales, marketing, and other activities crucial to the success of the business.

To reach the operational capacity needed to meet these demands Skellam AI intends to grow the team to around 30 people from the current 20 member team they are working with.

Revenue Model

Skellam AI’s revenue model is based on the delivery of a mix of services and products. They develop customized solutions for B2C enterprises, primarily retail-based, in the area of marketing optimization and automation.

They have a paying fortune 500 customer which seeds their revenue inflow. Skellam AI wants to be the B2C operating system of choice. Eventually Arun, the company’s founder, plans to transform the company to a SaaS-based model, catering to both enterprise clients, with customizations, and small businesses alike.


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