Solaires Entreprises Inc. – 8 December

08 Dec 2020

Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company located in Victoria, BC that consists of a team of 17 scientists, engineers, and business developers who are passionate about creating innovative solutions to address climate change. Solaires is focused on innovative and sustainable solar cell technology to create the next generation of solar cells that enables clean power generation from any surface facing the sun. Solaires has developed a patent-pending Solar InkTM to replace silicon solar cells with perovskite. The Perovskite manufacturing process is faster, less expensive, and cleaner. Unlike silicon, perovskite solar cells are flexible, lighter, up to three times more efficient, and provide a greater range of applications. Solaires is in business for a cleaner world.

There are a few companies around the world working towards marketing perovskite solar cells such as OxfordPV, Microquanta, Panasonic, and Saule, but almost all of these companies are trying to add a layer of perovskite to already existing silicon solar cells. This may improve the efficiency of resulting solar cells but doesn’t solve the other issues such as limited use due to weight and rigidity of the panels as well as the cost and high greenhouse gas emissions of the silicon fabrication process.


Solaires has signed NDAs with manufacturing partners to test and evaluate its product.

Their biggest hurdle in the executive branch of the company is to be investor-ready and raise $5M in their seed round from equity and grants by Q4 2021. They are planning to have their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready by the end of 2021 and have a very skilled and knowledgeable team. But, the biggest challenge is around the number of people who can work in their lab due to the COVID-19 limitations.



Solaires is planning a Seed Round by Q4, 2021 for $2M in cash which will trigger an extra $3M in grants. Solaires has secured enough equity funding and grants giving the company a runway for the next 18 months. Solaires has a growing team of 17, and currently has 5 more open positions starting January 2021.

Revenue Model

Solaires’ business model includes the sale of its Solar InkTM product and the licensing of its perovskites solar cell manufacturing process technology to selected roll to roll coaters, solar cell manufacturers, and OEMs. Solaires will focus its team of scientists on developing new and innovative patents relevant to the solar industry.




Dr Sahar Sam, Chief Science Officer

With 15+ years of R&D experience and implementing business strategy, Dr. Sahar specializes in Nano and Micro Fabrication. B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Materials Science and Eng from Shiraz University and PhD in Mechanical Eng from the University of Victoria. Developed a nanofabrication technology. Has 3 patents and multiple papers. Her technology improves the properties of flexible electronic devices.

Alfonso Fabian de la Fuente – Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur. Self-made inventor, investor, and researcher. He has a 33-year history of successfully leading challenging technology endeavours. He has launched over a dozen leading technology products worldwide. He is the name inventor in over 75 patents. He has led research and manufacturing teams in 4 continents. Fabian has a BSc. in International Trade.

Dr Deepak Gangadharan – Product Development Manager

PhD in Energy and Material Science, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique with 7+ years of experience in solar and 5+ years of experience developing perovskite solar cell materials. Was awarded 3 Fonds de Recherche du Québec scholarships, including one to carry out perovskite research at Georgia Institute of Technology. Has published 20+ peer-reviewed papers.

Carolina Betancourt – Marketing and Business Development Manager

Master of Global Business from the University of Victoria (Canada). International Negotiator from EAFIT University (Colombia) and Bs. European Management from EM Strasbourg (France). Work experience in (Digital) Marketing, Sales, and Accounts Receivable (USA). Participant at the Model of United Nations by Harvard University and at the Model of the Organization of American States.

Adam Bruce – Engineering Lead

A mechanical engineer from the University of Victoria. At Solaires, his main focus is on researching, designing and validating potential designs for incorporating the use of transparent perovskite solar panels into real energy solutions. His passion for engineering comes from his love for solving complex open-ended problems. Adam has a solid background in machining and prototyping.

Dr Anjusree Shyla – Research Manager

A technology and business savvy Research Scientist holding a PhD in Chemical Engineering specialized in nanomaterial synthesis and device fabrication for energy conversion and storage devices. Master of Technology in Nanotechnology from reputable international universities and currently pursuing a certificate in Data Science & Machine Learning at the University of Toronto.

Dr Sonal Prajapati – Market Research Analyst

Sonal has a PhD in Applied Physics. She completed a Master of Science in Applied Physics with First Division. She has worked as a Research Assistant and has undertaken research projects in Applied Physics at the M.S. University of Baroda, India. Other experience includes being an Assistant Professor in the M.D. Patel Institute of Physical Science and Research, India.


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300-1095 McKenzie Ave, Victoria, BC V8P 2L5

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