SolusGuard – 8 September

04 Sep 2020


SolusGuard helps employers protect their most valuable assets, their employees. SolusGuard provides wearable hardware and app software safety solutions for businesses that have employees who work alone or are at risk. From property management to security, healthcare, and beyond, SolusGuard offers a full suite of customizable solutions that can be modified for each company.

Most companies in this industry are resellers of third party products, their focus is typically on billing for recurring monitoring services. Unlike these companies, SolusGuard owns and controls its technology end to end, which means they are able to provide completely customized hardware and software. This is ideal for enterprise customers who have unique situations that require robust and responsive solutions, rather than off the shelf products which have limited functionality. The result is not only a better product that suits the needs of the customer, but it is much more affordable too.

Their product line includes panic alert devices, check-in software, backend alert management systems, satellite extenders, COVID 19 contact tracing, and an admin portal. SolusGuard’s innovative technology has allowed them to gain that competitive advantage.



SolusGuard is currently in use by Corrections Canada (Parole), and a number of other businesses and government agencies across Canada and the US. Notably, the company was recently approved as the first testing partner under the CANHealth Network, partnering with the Sask Health Authority.

SolusGuard’s biggest hurdle in the coming year will be effectively managing rapid growth while at the same time maintaining their exceptional customer service standards. Besides the technical advantages that SolusGuard holds over other companies, their personalized service is second to none. This is part of their Saskatchewan and Canadian values, which are critical to SolusGuard’s identity.



The fruition of SolusGuard and its growth to where it is today can be attributed to the innovation and ambition of its founder and CEO, Serese Selanders.

SolusGuard began when its founder, Serese Selanders, was frustrated by the lack of options for safety alert devices for her father. Driven on a mission to change that, she sought to create a better personal safety alarm by researching other’s experiences, talking to experts, and bringing together a skilled team.

After realizing the fundamental need of safety alarms in the workforce, today, SolusGuard delivers a suite of workforce safety solutions that include their best-in-class safety alarm (or “panic button”), all built in a discreet, easy to use, effective, and reliable fashion.



SolusGuard is starting a capital raise this fall in order to meet growth and expansion objectives. The secured funds will be allocated primarily towards sales, operations, and marketing.

The past financing history includes a startup angel investment a few years ago. They have not had any other equity raise since then. Not only has SolusGuard not been negatively affected financially by the pandemic, but they are also seeing growing demand for their products as more and more businesses shift to a remote workforce.

In true startup fashion, SolusGuard is eager to continue the rapid growth trajectory they are on and expand its reach across North America. In doing so, they plan to target enterprise organizations in which they think is the best market to fit with their services. SolusGuard is also actively seeking companies looking for a solution to keep their employees safe as they continue for further expansion.


Revenue Model

SolusGuard operates using a Business-to-Business model whereby companies can select products and services on an a-la-carte basis. Depending on their selection, this may include upfront costs for hardware and software as a service.



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