SpotEv – 20 May

20 May 2021

This week we present SpotEv: a Montreal-based company determined to make cultural tourism more accessible and seamless to all those that use their platform, Spot&Go. Spot&Go is connecting hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and their customers to the cultural agenda, offering curated suggestions to tourists so that they will always have new and exciting things to do.

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SpotEv is a Montreal-based company creating innovative solutions for the cultural tourism sector. Its mission is to make culture accessible everywhere and to all while also making the discovery of cities simple and fun. 25% of tickets for cultural events are never sold and 85% of searches to find desired events give no result within this $800b market in North America alone. 

SpotEv connects the hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and their clients to the cultural agenda. Research has shown that people no longer want to search – they prefer receiving suggestions. They created Spot&Go, which makes finding events and things to do around you frictionless, contactless, and search-less. A vocal chatbot and artificial intelligence are used to make suggestions that help you find desired activities in the area.

Distinctive elements which set Spot&Go apart from its direct competitors (such as Eventful and Evensi) are its international reach, wide coverage of events and artists, complete service offerings, the ability to suggest activities without user research, a vocal chatbot, and extensive digital development based on 5G. This platform is consistently promoting interconnections between businesses and their customers – increasing participation rates and significantly bolstering the cultural agenda.



Spot&Go is steadily gaining traction. Both Spot&Go and SpotEv are progressive web apps, meaning they have all the features of an application without needing to download anything in order to access its content or to use its features. The content created on SpotEv and Spot&Go can be found by using search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. making their clients’ visibility greater on the web. Spot&Go uses RFID chips, Dynamic QR Codes, and SMS tech to create frictionless interactions with the public. Since the beginning of 2021, the company is engaging in many new projects such as working with boroughs in Montreal, winning a call for projects across Quebec from the Ministry of Innovation and Investment of Quebec, getting selected to create Cultural and Historical circuits in the Windsor corridor using 5G technologies, having their service used by the HEMA Quebec Foundation in their permanent centers across the province of Quebec, negotiating and collaborating with companies Protel, Cloudbeds, and Libro, and forming relationships with vacation chalet clients.

The biggest hurdle for the company will be juggling between the growing numbers of clients and employees – ensuring that all personnel will be integrated properly in for them to deliver on current projects while continuing to improve the company and adapt to an ever-changing environment.



Colin D. Hendry, Founder and President – While being the Head of Strategies and Partnerships, he is also the creative mind and leader of SpotEv. He is the instigator and creator of the project. He has a vast network of contacts and is very open to boosting the creation of partnerships with a “win, win and win” formula. For Hendry, teamwork has the power to create the best solutions and make a business successful. His skills span several areas including business development, project management, sales of goods and services, customer service, etc.. 

Alice Djennane, Strategy and Communications Director – Ms. Djennane is distinguished by an eclectic career, both professional and academic. She has an M.Sc. in organizational strategy, a B.Sc. in urban planning, as well as a Masters in contemporary history. Ms. Djennane has all the assets needed to be a pillar in the development of SpotEv and its services, especially regarding emerging markets, acquiring customers, and forming new partnerships. 

Francis Blouin, Director of Marketing / Business Development – Blouin has strong interpersonal skills and an intuitive spirit. He is communicative, ambitious, and energetic and takes an analytical outlook of markets and trends outside of Quebec. He is building strengths in B2B / public domain sales, targeting relationships and using proven methods to develop the business strategy while retaining customers and partners in a win/win/win approach – this is what makes him such an asset to SpotEv.



SpotEv is currently in the first round of pursuing $2.5m dollars to grow its market share faster. They expect to use 80% of this new funding for business development/client support and 20% for digital development.

Since its creation, SpotEv has been bootstrapped. The company has been financed by the founder, loans, and governmental grants, totalling more than $600k altogether. SpotEv is currently a small team of 12. However, in order to fulfill its growth initiatives, SpotEv is planning to create newly defined units in business development, marketing, human resources, accounting, and more.


Revenue Model

Although the company is generating revenue from many streams, SpotEv is using a SaaS model as a primary revenue model. They charge a setup cost to create the web presence of new clients and a monthly recurring fee. The company’s primary markets for income are made up of convenience stores / retail shops, hotels, restaurants, and festivals. Once a client is on their platform, SpotEv’s goal is to increase their income by 10% – 15%.


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