Stamped – 17 November

17 Nov 2020


Stamped is a tech-enabled accounting firm that provides year-end services that are fast, simple, and affordable. By developing a purposely-built product and combining it with their own CPAs, Stamped offers a very different customer experience that is closer to a SaaS product, than a traditional CPA firm.

Their primary competitors are traditional CPA firms offering human-driven services. Stamped’s competitive advantage is its technology, which grants them more flexibility and allows them to perform personalized services for their clients.


Stamped has been growing at an average month over month (MoM) growth rate of 15%; with a total customer headcount of 250 accounts and their ARR is 300,000CAD.

Stamped isn’t facing too many hurdles in the short-term; it’s really about executing their plan. They currently have the resources, both human and financial, to go through the first step of their growth plan. They are contemplating a Seed round in 2021 to allow them to go one step further.



Simon Langlois, CEO & Co-Founder

Philippe Dionne, former CTO & Co-Founder (Feb 2018 – Jun 2020)

Philippe Galarneau, Product Owner

Jérôme Malenfant, Head of Operations.



Stamped is currently preparing for a Seed round. They have raised a 500,000 CAD pre-seed and are open to discuss with insightful investors who can support their future fundraising efforts.

Their seed round capital will be used to develop more intricate features to support complex year-end audits. They’re looking to expand their operations in Ontario and British Columbia within the next 6-12 months and set foot in the US market by the end of 2021.

Stamped was incorporated in February 2018; they’ve been bootstrapped until November 2019, when Real Venture committed to invest in the company through their Orbit fund. Their commitment also came with participation in their FounderFuel program, the biggest startup accelerator in Canada.


Revenue Model

Stamped is shifting an age-old and human-driven service into a tech-driven one. Their mission is to transform year-end services into a SaaS product, which is much more convenient and easier to use by SME owners and small finance teams. They are a CPA firm operating as a SaaS company, or what their CEO likes to call a reverse SaaS (Service as a Software, instead of Software as a Service).


Website, LinkedIn, Facebook

Contact: [email protected]


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