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06 Apr 2021

We’re back with another startup exclusive on a company that is taking major advances to bring social change. Through the innovation of tech, they are transforming the pollution of today to build the materials of tomorrow.

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Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) was formed to use the pollution of today to build the materials of tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. CUT sells enhanced additives derived from greenhouse emissions and cheaply available solids. Since 2014, CUT has scaled its ability to capture CO2 emissions from point sources, such as natural gas power plants, by over a million times. Through its portfolio of CO2-derived enhanced additives, CUT has technically validated its solutions for use in plastics, coatings, epoxy, adhesives, concrete, lithium-ion batteries, and pharmaceutical industries, and consumer products. 

Due to the infancy and nascence of the carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)  field, CUT coexists with many organizations such as Carbon Engineering, Carbon Cure, and many more to provide the world with cleaner and greener alternative materials. CUT’s platform technology is a low energy process that allows for the production of enhanced additives at scale to serve over 11 different market segments, and enable you to take action now.



In 2016, CUT commercialized a corrosion-resistant coating, utilizing its enhanced additives, becoming the youngest CO2 utilization company to generate commercial revenue (<2.5 years since inception) and has since been confirmed as one of the top CO2 utilization companies in the world as one of the 10 NRG | COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Finalists. The company has also been named as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label recipient, a funding recipient of Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund, and a winner of the 2019 76West Clean Technology Competition.

At the start of 2021, CUT launched its consumer facing products brand, Expedition Air, and attracted a number of collaborators to promote their low-carbon products in tandem with CUT’s materials on its e-commerce website. 

Today, CUT has a portfolio of active strategic partners from around the world such as CEMEX Ventures and Burnco Rock Products, and collaborating with a number of organizations, associations and universities in the construction, plastics, and consumer products sector. 

CUT’s next big company milestone is to secure strategic partners and funding required to commission a 100 metric ton per day reactor system at a client site in North America, Asia, or Europe to make low-carbon construction material accessible and affordable for the world.  



In December 2020, CUT completed the final stage of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Pending on the outcome of the competition, CUT expects to open an investment round later in 2021. The company has been generating revenue from the sales of its products since 2017, and has been supported by organizations such as NRCan, Alberta Innovates, Emissions Reduction Alberta, and many other competitions and acceleration programs. 


Revenue Model

CUT’s main stream of revenue is B2B licensing of their reactor process technology and B2B direct sales. 



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