Startup Newsletter – 16 February

16 Feb 2021

This week we present a President’s Day edition of our startup newsletter, featuring two up and coming American startups, each providing solutions that can disrupt the way their industries operate.

First, we have a company who is changing the way law enforcement utilizes drones in the field. Also featured is a company revolutionizing how friends plan their evenings during and after the pandemic.



BRINC Drones

The BRINC Drones’ LEMUR is a new kind of robot designed to aid tactical teams in barricades, hostage, and active shooter situations. They search structures like never before without risking the safety of officers or suspects.

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Ocho Events

Ocho enables busy urban professionals to have upscale, effortless nights out with friends and family at the touch of a button. At the same time, they help local, independent restaurants attract and retain these high-value customers

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