Startup Newsletter – 26 January

26 Jan 2021

This week we present another edition of our Startup Newsletter. Featured are three companies providing solutions to better the lives of their customers.

First, we have a company that has developed a platform to incentivize carbon emission reduction; next, is a company attempting to eradicate the need for blood types, while our final company is helping people stay connected.





Geared for commercial property owners pursuing carbon reduction, Audette is a platform designed for accessing billions in government incentives and low-interest financing. Audette uses digital building data to streamline due-diligence and maximize return on investment for owners and funders.

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ABOzymes Biomedical

ABOzymes Biomedical Inc. is an early-stage, Vancouver-based enterprise with an innovative, unique, and proprietary platform that will realize a world where blood type is no longer a constraint for those receiving a life-saving blood transfusion or organ transplant.

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PonyPal enables users to schedule personalized messages. Encapsulating the feel of writing a letter, users choose from creative stationeries and decide the timeframe or specific date their digital message arrives. PonyPal is a tool to send meaningful messages without the pressure to respond instantaneously.

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