Summatti – 29 September

29 Sep 2020


Summatti is an AI-powered, B2B platform that empowers businesses with real-time, actionable insights across all their customer interactions.

Summatti’s unique proposition is the ability to capture interactions from various channels (call, chat, email, CRM, etc.) and analyze it using their unique, purpose-built machine learning models that takes into account industry best practices. Their advanced technological features allow it to have a leg up over its competitors and enables their customers to improve customer experience, increase employee efficiency & grow their business


The company has seen massive successes, amassing 4x their revenue in the last six months and have been able to double their team size; and still growing. Summatti empowers hundreds of agents and businesses with insights from their customer interactions including leading retail & tech companies across the globe.

Summatti’s system provides customer support teams with insights into agent performance, customer pain points, health checks, and automates quality control to settle these various cases. With the use of APIs, Summatti can be integrated into current company systems across their various channels. Once in action, the system analyzes 100% of customer interactions in real-time to help the user identify more accurate customer satisfaction and NPS scores, all while allowing users to take timely action with unbiased information.

Following the rapid growth and success of Summatti, their biggest hurdle to overcome in the following year is finding the right talent to support their growing start-up and in doing so, will require a lot of energy and resources.



Sid Bhambhani, Co-Founder and CEO – Equipped in Sid’s repertoire is 15+ years of building, managing, and scaling Global Technical Support operations for software companies like PTC & Symantec.

Rashmi Bhambhani, Co-Founder, COO – Rashmi holds an MBA and brings 12+ years developing sales, marketing & customer experience strategies for MNCs in finance & technology verticals.

The success and reputable achievements accomplished by Summatti can be attributed to the innovation, hard work, and passion of its founders and their vision to revolutionize the means of customer support.



As they look towards further expansion and growth to follow their positive growth trajectory, Summatti is currently in the process of raising another Seed round. The secured funding will be used to help grow their business and carry out various initiatives including expansion into new markets with our partners.

The next steps for the business is continuing to grow their team size specifically on sales & marketing. In addition, Summatti seeks to engage more customers to provide them with opportunities to get real-time actionable insights from their data.

Revenue Model

Summatti’s main stream of revenue is through the offer of their SaaS platform to customer support teams.


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