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10 Mar 2020


Swob® is designed to make job searching for students & job seekers easy and recruitment even easier. The Swob team has made a recruiting platform which helps employers in high turnover industries find local talent, using their smart recruiting service.

Using the Swob platform employers will now be able to securely filter through the best possible candidates, safely and efficiently. To begin their 30-day free trial, employers simply need to sign up, create a profile, and begin posting vacant job positions. Employers can let Swob bring qualified candidates to them.

Job seekers can use the Swob platform to search for a job in the comfort of their own phone. They can quickly create their profile, upload their resume, and begin the job search. They then swipe left on roles they are not interested in, and swipe right to apply to the job.


Swob is now available throughout Canada (excluding Quebec) and has over 20,000 users and is growing. To date, Swob has helped many job seekers find meaningful employment and is working with companies such as McDonald’s, Leon’s, Tim Hortons, Cactus Club, to name only a few. Swob was also named the first ever Canadian company to win the Virgin Mobile Canada and Sir Richard Branson’s “Pitch to Rich” contest.

What separates Swob from their competitors, such as Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter, is their target audience. With a focus on high turnover industries and part-time opportunities, they have created a tool to service the particular needs of employers and job seekers within these industries. Given the high turn-over nature of the industries, they have also set their monthly fee to be much lower than their competitors. From a branding perspective, Swob then focuses on being trendy and relevant to students, their tried and tested users.

The Swob team regularly visits schools to present their app and hold resume workshops. They also work with strategic partners like Student Price Card, Employment Ontario, The Toronto District School Board, and work with influencers and parenting groups to raise awareness of their app. They are also mentors for students of the WE Organization.



The two members of the Swob team work in tandem to run all aspects of the business.

Stephanie Florio, Co-Founder – Stephanie manages the student side of the app, leading outreach and engagement in that regard. She also takes care of the Swob team.

Alexander Florio, Co-Founder – Alexander leads the outreach on the employer side, reaching out to, and onboarding, new clients.


Revenue Model

Swob’s business model is based on charging employers a monthly or annual subscription fee based on their recruitment needs. For employers, they offer a 30-day free trial to allow them to test the service and experience the benefits first hand. On average, an employer signs up for a subscription within a week of our first meeting. For students, Swob is a free app.

While Swob’s revenue model is based on a lower cost per hire, they can optimize revenues as higher turn-over means higher usage. They target students by using a mobile app, while other job sites are predominantly web-based. This makes for a unique user experience which inspires their trademarked tagline ‘from the comfort of your phone’.


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