Tesera Systems – 30 June

30 Jun 2020

Tesera Systems Inc. – High Resolution Inventory Systems

Tesera is an innovative organization of entrepreneurial developers, designers and data scientists committed to bringing data-driven cloud applications to life. Their new SaaS product, High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS), is the most comprehensive, consistent, and reliable forest inventory solution available at high resolution. HRIS uses remotely sensed data combined with ground sampling, climate and terrain data to generate accurate and statistically reliable estimates of forest attributes at the gridcell and produce stand and stock tables for every microstand. HRIS inventory data is scalable across operational, tactical and strategic levels.  HRIS offers a subscription service that includes a web platform, inventory updates, and other value-add products. HRIS is scalable from 10,000 to 10+ million hectares and applicable to forest types around the globe. HRIS enables forest managers and organizations the opportunity to reduce ground sampling intensity and better plan and manage in a sustainable manner now and into the future and the means to realize higher ROI from their forest assets.

HRIS has no comparable competitor in the global marketplace in terms of the comprehensiveness, consistency, and reliability which the platform offers. They are offering the only solution that provides stand and stock tables for every microstand, growth models using localized growth curves for every microstand, and provide inventory update service.


HRIS has been extensively reviewed by government officials and is in the process of being recommended for approval for use in BC. HRIS represents the next generation of forest inventory solutions that can provide forest managers with more comprehensive and accurate data and information about the forest landscape conditions and values. 

Tesera is an Accelerated Growth Services company, funded by NRC-IRAP and FAPESP (Brazil), Tecterra, and CanExport. HRIS has established strategic partnerships with Quantum Spatial (USA) and Visiona Espacial (Brazil). They have also achieved product-market fit and have paying industry clients in BC, AB, SK, USA, Brazil.

The next hurdle HRIS will need to overcome is establishing initial large integrated showcase clients in Canada (AB, SK, ON, QC), USA (West, Northeast, Southeast), Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand. They have strong leads in Canada (AB, SK, QC), USA (West, Northeast), Brazil and are working on identifying large integrated clients in Chile, Australia, New Zealand via trade shows such as SAF 2020 (Oct 2020), participation with Canada Trade Mission to Chile (Nov 2020), trade show/presentation at ExpoCorma (Nov 2020), and trade show and presentation at ForestTECH in New Zealand and Australia (Nov 2020).



Bruce MacArthur – President and CEO, RPF (BC)

Noah McDonald, CPA, CA – Controller

Dr. Ian Moss – Inventory Design Specialist, RPF (BC)

Kiril Korov, M.Sc. (Comp Sci) – Chief Technology Officer

Alex Joseph, M.E.Des, MBA – HRIS Business Manager

Matt Scobel, BBA – HRIS Product Manager

Michael Kieser, M.Sc., P.Eng. (AB) – Director of Geomatics

Dr. Julianno Sambatti – Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Cassidy Rankine – Director of Remote Sensing



Tesera have invested $8M of retained earnings in HRIS and raised $1,000,000 to scale its next stage of product and market development. They are now pursuing a $10,000,000 raise to accelerate scaling of the business for the global market. The $10M raise will be invested in HRIS sales and product development. Over 3 years they expect this investment to accelerate sales growth in the USA, South America, and Australia/NZ while expanding and solidifying their product offering to include stand and stock tables, cruise/scale reconciliation, and inventory updates. 

In terms of expanding the HRIS team, they intend to hire 3 regional sales teams to service the USA, South America, Australia/NZ regions, and 8 product development personnel (forest inventory, web, cloud).

Revenue Model

The HRIS business model is as follows: 1) Provide the world’s most comprehensive, consistent, and reliable forest inventory at high resolution (i.e. profitable at ~20,000ha, scalable to 10+M ha); 2) Provide SaaS value add tools via web platform; 3) Provide on-going SaaS inventory updates to enable maintaining HRIS as an asset.

A combined HRIS inventory and SaaS update services unlocks 25-50X ROI efficiencies across the supply chain. HRIS is built and successfully deployed with paying customers in Canada and Brazil, which has proved this model.


For more information visit:

Tesera Website, HRIS Website, HRIS Demo, Twitter

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