The Clean Crate Company – 9 March

09 Mar 2021

Clean Crate Company

The Clean Crate Company offers a curated seasonal subscription box for everyday household cleaning essentials. Exclusively selling Canadian brands that make top quality eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Their boxes include all the daily household cleaning needs from laundry detergent to hand soap. Consumers receive 7 full-sized items plus bonus eco-extras that aim to introduce subscribers to new eco-friendly and sustainable products. Crates are designed to last the average family up to 3 months. Subscribers can add-on to their crates from a wide selection of Canadian products in Clean Crate Company’s Add-On Shop to meet all their needs in one delivery.

Clean Crate Company’s goal is to help Canadian households make simple changes for a healthier home and a happier planet by introducing quality products and sustainable options in a fun and easy way. Helping them to ‘Green Up Their Clean Up’.

The company is also shining a spotlight on a variety of Canadian brands, both established (eg: ATTITUDE, Nature Clean, TruEarth) and new to the market (The Bare Co, Ecoliving Club, LFT) that are not as easily accessible via traditional retail channels.

Clean Crate Company’s direct competitors include,, and Their key competitive advantage, however, is their curation of seasonal subscription service and souring, as well as selling exclusively Canadian brands. There are many Canadian subscription boxes but none at this time that provides solely household cleaning essentials.



Having only recently launched back in October 2020, it’s amazing to see the tremendous growth and impact Clean Crate Company has garnered.

The company’s biggest hurdle to overcome in the following year is internal with inventory management and purchase forecasting. Clean Crate Company is currently in the midst of seeking software that can support them.

A following obstacle is external with brand awareness and cost of customer acquisition. To overcome this barrier, Clean Crate Company has sought out many digital platforms and email marketing strategies and plan to integrate a referral program to keep costs down and reach high. They are also planning campaigns for business-to-business bulk sales ie. the real estate/mortgage broker market.



Founder Candice Kincaid has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. She has represented and brokered a variety of brands and manufacturers, working with products in all life stages and managing multi-millions in annual sales. Candice has experience in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales and is using her knowledge to fast-track her education of the digital and e-commerce market.

Co-Founder Kelly Ebbers has an education in phycology and over 2 decades of experience working in community development and program implementation and promotion as well as a strong background in customer service and team management.

Both women have a passion for sustainable, conscious living and it’s great to see their vision come to fruition.



The Clean Crate Company is always looking for the right partners to collaborate with, that share the vision of bringing quality eco-friendly products into homes across the country. They also plan to pursue funding in the future as they look to expand with a house brand to complement their current product selection and to determine where the gaps in the market are.

Previously, they had prepared a business plan and received initial funding through Futurepreneur and BDC.

In order to continue its positive growth trajectory, Clean Crate Company plans to immediately grow its team to include additional support in shipping, receiving, and inventory management. In addition to further support alongside social media and engagement and strategic sales planning.


Revenue Model

Clean Crate Company currently operates as a B2C e-commerce business.



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