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10 Dec 2019


Trail.One is a web-based platform that helps brands in the Natural Product Industry build trust through Product Transparency. It empowers brands to use supply chain traceability and transparency marketing to better showcase their product, such as showing the supply chain of each ingredient, transforming key data to be better understood by consumers, and verifying claims made by the brand. Their goal is to help consumers make more educated decisions and help trustworthy brands increase conversion, build engagement, and foster brand loyalty.


Trail.One has successfully launched its pilot program with Be Herbal, a natural supplement brand. The pilot program was a success, as customers noted their appreciation for the advanced information they were receiving from viewing the product through Trail.One. They have significant buy-in from industry leaders and have even partnered with a leading contract manufacturer to build out the manufacturing side of the platform to better serve brands and end-users.



Mego Salbashian – CEO: Mego has over 15 years experience managing product categories across multiple industries with his expertise in e-commerce. Mego has successfully built a supplement brand from the ground up that helps countless customers achieve their health goals.

Abhijit Dutta – Head of Product: Abhijit has 15+ years experience developing, launching, and managing data-driven products and services with a key focus on E-commerce & Supply chain.

Syed Hussaini – Head of Marketing: Syed is a results-focused, ROI-driven growth marketing leader with 14 years experience in growing small & medium size companies. He has managed $70m in ad spend & helped generate $250m+ in revenue. Syed has a proven track record to drive exponential growth in traffic, leads & revenue.


Trail.One has successfully raised a pre-seed round as they continue to build out the product. They will be looking to raise an additional round soon to help scale the solution and onboard not only brands, but suppliers and manufacturers.

Revenue Model

Revenue models are still being explored and tested. Their first solution will be a subscription-based SaaS model for mid-sized customers with custom solutions for enterprise-level customers.


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