VEERUM – March 26

26 Mar 2020


VEERUM is a SaaS provider that applies digital technology to asset ownership, helping their clients build and maintain a better world. VEERUM’s Asset Visualization Platform provides stakeholders with the latest tools and information to optimize asset outcomes. This is a secure cloud-based web solution enabling data transparency across the entire asset lifecycle. It allows asset stakeholders to view aggregated asset data in the context of a 3D model. All information is available for a total audit history of the asset.

VEERUM has built the simplest and easiest to use solution on the market so you can stay ahead of the competition on your journey to digital adoption. VEERUM’s clients are accelerating the transition to digital asset ownership, effectively building and maintaining the world’s critical infrastructure.


VEERUM has been gaining traction in the market, converting pilot projects into enterprise subscriptions to its Asset Visualization Platform. Their clients are based in Alberta, across Canada, and around the world and they have leveraged a strong technical partnership with AWS. They also enjoy outstanding support from a number of VC firms who have invested in VEERUM.

Their next goal is to enter, and succeed in the US market. They already have one sales representative local in California who has generated some awareness, and signed a couple of pilots up to their solution. They will continue to leverage their clients for their technology roadmap and develop high value functions and features that are used to solve clients’ biggest pain points.



David Lod, CEO – Over 15 years David has led technology teams and managed over 100 data centres.

Scott Benesh, VP Client Solutions & Co-Founder – Scott has over 40 years of industry experience as a Project Manager.

Rob Southon, CTO – Rob has over 18 years experience building and leading technology teams.

Trevor MacMaster, CCO – Trevor brings over 25 years of industry experience to VEERUM’s business development activities.



VEERUM has already raised $6.4m across two seed rounds in 2018 and 2019. They are now looking to raise additional funds through a future Series A round. Global expansion is the target once these funds are secured. They have captured many of the largest producers and owners in Canada, and now need to expand into the US market and over the Atlantic into Europe and Asia. More sales representatives across the United States and a delivery team in the United States and Europe will help them achieve these goals.

Revenue Model

VEERUM operates an enterprise platform monthly subscription with additional services.


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