Virtro – 14 July

14 Jul 2020


Virtro is a leader in cutting-edge technology. With a mission to build innovative products and solve challenging problems, Virtro aims to Accelerate Learning using immersive VR Simulations with AI characters delivering lifelike conversation. They develop competency-based immersive training simulations for Virtual Reality and PC platforms.

Virtro’s learning applications foster unparalleled levels of engagement through open dialogue with Virtual Humans (AI characters) powered by their proprietary conversation engine. This delivers measurably faster and more focused learning experience with higher retention rates of information and replicable skills. The ability to actually converse with Virtual Humans takes the learning experience to a whole new level.

Virtro’s competitive edge lies in their incorporation of an Evidence-based Evaluation Framework. This provides detailed metrics and analytics to demonstrate competency which enables the delivery of quality training that is results-focused and proves compliance.


Since beginning their operations in 2016, Virtro has doubled their team and revenue every year. As a female-led business innovating in technology, they value Diversity and Inclusion. Virtro fosters an ever-growing team of over 38 full-time professionals including immigrants, women, mid-career changers, LGBTQ2, and visible minorities, and hosts an inclusive medium of 50% female tech and team members.

Virtro has contracts with Innovation Solutions & Economic Development Canada (ISED), DND (Department of National Defense), IECBC – Immigration Employment Council BC, Vancouver School Board, and the Canadian Media Fund.

They are at the threshold of moving from a start-up to a global brand recognized for delivering leading-edge training solutions using AI-powered Virtual Human and Immersive VR Competency-based training with Evidence-based Evaluation metrics and analytics.

Virtro’s technology platform, Argo5, has been developed to help and support other VR developers who want to meet their client’s needs for advanced AI communication and evaluation tools within their VR experiences. While it’s still early days, they are already seeing demand from USA clients who want to be positioned at the leading edge of this game-changing technology.



Jordan Brighton, CEO – Jordan is a natural leader. This is her 4th tech start-up each demonstrating her continued commitment to pushing the boundaries and advancing technological solutions.

Lee Brighton, President. Lee is a Futurist enabling Emerging Technology to Transform Learning

Mark Templin, Head of Studio – Mark leans on years of experience working for the top technology and video game companies in Silicon Valley to lead the fast past, rapidly growing, advanced technology team.

Leanne Duncan, Director of Strategic Partnerships – Leanne understands the value of quality strategic relationships. With experience from top tier tech companies, she is building solid relationships that deliver genuine value.

Dahlia Abdualkareem, AI Integration Interface Manager – Dahlia brings solid Project Management and software development experience to lead the team in delivering analytics to the trainees and teachers.

Nuket Nowlan, Evidence-based Evaluation Manager – Nuket has 10 years of experience in Virtual World development and evaluation systems. She delivers competency and evidence-based evaluation tools.

Bonface Mudiri, Business Systems Manager – Bonface brings a unique combination of Business knowhow, systems thinking and Cyber Security to the team as they scale.



Virtro is proud to be a company that has bootstrapped through the start-up stages. At this point they are not seeking investment, preferring to sell their products and services as proof of their technology and solution delivery. This self-reliance has made the company resilient and strong and ready to face and overcome challenges.

While the door is always open to speaking with people, their immediate plans are to scale and build Virtro to be a company of 100 people within the next 12 -18 months. They have employed 10 people since the start of the COVID crisis, demonstrating that their focus on delivering results has been an asset to the team.

Revenue Model

Virtro has a customer-driven revenue model, that is a combination of SaaS and upfront user licensing. Relying on their content-agnostic technology platform, they efficiently deliver a combination of client solutions and products they design to meet specific market needs – often within the social impact space.



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