Washington’s Finest 28 January

28 Jan 2020

Washington’s Finest – 28 January


Washington’s Finest is a newsletter, provided by Virtus Groups, which profiles the best of Washington State’s emerging startups. Most of the companies we profile are early-stage technology companies that are currently raising funds. Should you want to reach out to any of the companies featured in the newsletter please let us know and Virtus Groups will be happy to make the introduction!

The three companies we feature in this edition, Birch Infrastructure, Feastfox, and Skellam AI, are taking radical approaches to solving problems within their respective fields. Each of the teams behind these startups are shifting the paradigm and using innovative means to produce more efficient solutions for their customers.


Birch Infrastructure

Birch Infrastructure develops, owns, and operates the energy and water infrastructure required to supply hyperscale data centers, which in turn are at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. Birch assumes and manages the risk inherent in delivering data centers with mission-critical utility service, thereby insulating both its customers and community-hosts from the uncertainty of the availability and price of energy and water. As a public benefit company, Birch is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of providing energy and water to data centers, contributing to the economic development of the rural communities in which the company operates, and promoting the health and well-being of its employees.


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Feastfox has redesigned the restaurant discovery and decision-making experience from scratch. It is simple, personalized, and incredibly fast. Utilizing Feastfox, you will find the perfect restaurant for any occasion in less than 3 minutes. Their AI-powered engine analyzes millions of data points to make sure you get what you want every time.

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Skellam AI

Skellam AI brings you enterprise scale, hyper-personalized marketing at your fingertips. Embrace the journey towards a smarter engagement with your customers. Transform your customer interactions to customer loyalty and make more sales. Skellam AI provides you with the most advanced hyper-personalization technologies while staying within your budget. You can create a multitude of offers and campaign workflows within the platform, then let their advanced AI take care of personalizing offers and sending them to the right customers at the right time.

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