West Coast Startup Newsletter – 21 July

21 Jul 2020

Presenting another newsletter that features the best of the West Coast’s emerging startups. The three companies highlighted in this week’s edition are using their skills to integrate advanced technology with convenience.

These startups bring light to the idea that remote can become an option and that the availability of services is not limited by distance. Read more about how these companies are taking technology by storm through an innovative vision.

The three companies we feature are:



Rooted in Oregon, USA, Wisedoc is a disruptively innovative cloud-based word processing software for writing professional resumes, scientific journals, dissertations, cover letters, and many more.

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Situated in Oakland, California, 8chili is developing a platform for remote surgical collaboration. With a vision to reimagine surgeries, 8chili’s first product is a surgical training application that delivers LIVE and immersive surgical training from the surgeon’s perspective.

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Cognivive develops evidence-based virtual reality (VR) treatment games to enable neuro-rehabilitation recovery in the home. Cognivive combines neuroscience with sophisticated game design to create treatments that constantly adapt to the patient.

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