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31 Mar 2020


WOWnGO is an online experience gifts corporation which makes it easy to create unique WOW gifts. Their mission is to inspire people to give emotions instead of boring presents. They believe that the best gift is the one your friend may never think to get for themselves, but have always wanted. WOWnGO helps you select a personalized gift box and experience perfectly suited to your loved ones while leaving the last word on where and when to GO to the recipient of the gift.

It is very easy to activate a voucher, choose an experience, and book a time in the WOWnGO online calendar and have your appointment confirmed through your email. You no longer need to wait and call an experience provider to find an open spot. Gift recipients have full control of the money value of their gift. In addition to free exchange they can surcharge or select a cheaper experience and use the rest of the money later. A voucher’s value and your account balance will never expire.


WOWnGO will go live on April 1, 2020 to serve Toronto and GTA customers. Their ultimate goal and challenge is to have no service fee for the end customer and keep the best prices for experiences. That is why they put a lot of effort into automation and self-service online activation of the vouchers and booking the time of experiences on their live availability calendar. WOWnGO’s biggest competitors are traditional gifts that collect dust in all of our homes. With their mission, WOWnGO are keen to inspire people to choose WOW gifts, try new experiences and give emotions to loved ones!



Anna Zianko – Chief Marketing Officer

Pavlo Zianko – Chief Technology Officer



WOWnGo is a fully self funded company.

In terms of growth activities, they plan to add a possibility to choose a delivery of a physical gift box with bright brochures of experiences you selected for your friend, a plastic gift card, and personalized greeting card. They will keep working on expanding a list of experiences and other non-material activities in Toronto and GTA.

Revenue Model

As an online marketplace WOWnGO aggregates different local Toronto experiences through their website. They help their customers to become super gifters by curating personalized, meaningful, and worry-free gifts which can include up to six experiences from their catalogue while leaving the last word on where and when to go to the gift recipient.


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