Xesto – 24 November

24 Nov 2020


Xesto has built the first 3D foot sizing tool that only requires an iPhone’s Face ID cameras to accurately and quickly size a person’s feet, as well as enable size sharing for family/gift purchasing. Xesto’s core technology allows customers to easily and accurately shop their desired items in the exact size they want, all online. This increases customer purchasing, lowers fit-related returns for companies, and ultimately lowers environmental impacts from e-commerce.

Once a user scans themselves, they can quickly save & create their own Xesto Fit Account with 1 tap. Now, anytime they want a size recommendation in the Xesto Fit ecosystem, the size is automatically generated. With the Xesto Fit Size Sharing feature, users can share their size profiles with loved ones to enable gift and family purchasing. For the first time, you can give someone a gift and know for a fact that it will fit them perfectly.

Xesto requires no reference object or information and has industry-leading accuracy – under 1.5 mm of error for foot sizing. They enable customers to scan themselves at home in under 1 minute and receive recommendations from over 150 brands. They also are easily integrated into brands’ websites where users can receive size recommendations without downloading an app.



The Xesto Fit app was launched in the Apple App Store on November 20th just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Xesto’s launch was featured in the TechCrunch article “Xesto is a foot-scanning app that simplifies shoe gifting”, leading to hundreds of new users from around the world. Xesto is securing major partnerships for a new major product launch in Q1 2021.

Their biggest hurdle is scaling. Xesto will partner directly with brands’ in 2021, who will offer their end-customers direct access to Xesto’s tool. This will provide them with exposure to millions of potential customers who will discover their tool when they need it the most.

Revenue Model

Xesto will integrate their technology directly into the websites and shopping experiences of online retailers, making the shopping experience easier for their customers. This will give their application major exposure and also help grow their revenue.




The team comes out of the University of Toronto:

Sophie, CEO and Co-Founder – Sophie completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a specialty in Finance & Economics

Afiny, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder – Afiny is a Ph.D. candidate in Math and machine learning

Christian, Lead Researcher and Engineer – Christian studied Computer Science with a specialization in AI

Charles, Lead Researcher and Engineer – Charles studied computer engineering (MCompEng) with a specialization in computer vision


Xesto is looking to raise CAD $2 million in 2021, the money will be used for R&D, product expansion, and growth. Xesto raised a pre-seed round in 2017 and has since grown through revenue and government grants. Following a seed round, they will hire more engineers and individuals with experience in product growth and sales.


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