Xona Space Systems – 23 June

23 Jun 2020

Xona Space Systems

Xona Space Systems is developing a new generation of high-accuracy position, navigation, and timing (PNT) solutions for intelligent systems. Delivered via a secure, high-power signal from low Earth orbit, the Pulsar™ service from Xona aims to enable the next wave of connected technology. 

In North America alone, over $300 billion of economic impact per year relies on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), yet the only signals available to the public are unprotected, limited in precision, and susceptible to disruption from easily obtainable jammers and spoofers. The reliability and performance of satellite navigation needs to drastically increase to support modern industries such as autonomous vehicles, aerial mobility, maritime automation, and many more.

Xona Space Systems is developing the secure and precise PNT service that will enable modern intelligent systems to operate safely at scale. 


Xona has been working hard to grow the company and in the past year has expanded their operation to include offices in Vancouver, Canada and London, England, along with their headquarters in San Mateo, California. 

On the product side of things, the Xona Pulsar LEO navigation service is complementary to other localization technologies being used by autonomous vehicles. LiDAR and computer vision techniques can achieve accuracy needs, but can struggle to meet safety requirements due to degraded performance in inclement weather and in sparse environments. Satellite navigation can offer a lightweight and low-cost localization solution to end users that is unaffected by weather, uses a universal and consistent coordinate system, and high performance in sparse operating environments where relative localization technologies can struggle. Existing GNSS faces threats from RF interference and spoofing. With Xona’s Pulsar LEO navigation service, these provide another step on the road to safe and secure autonomy.



Brian Manning, CEO

Tyler Reid, CTO

Bryan Chan, Business Development Director

Adrien Perkins, Navigation Systems Lead

Andrew Neish, Navigation Signals & Security Lead

Kazuma Gunning, Navigation Algorithms & Architecture Lead

Jerami Martin, Mechanical Lead

Paul Tarantino, Program Manager

Miguel Seun Cardoso, European Operations Lead



Xona Space Systems recently raised a $1M USD pre-seed round led by 1517, with participation from Seraphim Capital, Trucks Venture Capital, and Stellar Solutions.

With funding secured, Xona Space Systems will be focusing on building satellite prototypes for an orbit demonstration of the technology. They are also looking to expand their team, with some key technical hires. 


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