Xpedigo – 15 September

15 Sep 2020


Based out of Montreal Quebec, Xpedigo is a startup specialized in the last-mile parcel delivery space. Their proprietary AI-based routing algorithms enable small, medium, and large retailers to ship parcels in urban centers door to door in under 4 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Xpedigo, delivery reinvented.

Traditional, non-tech delivery companies (large and small – local and national) are some of Xpedigo’s main competitors. Their main advantage, however, lies in their philosophical difference – they are not a logistics company with a strong tech angle, they are a tech company that happens to be answering a logistics driven demand. Therefore, their entire stack is developed to respond exclusively to their customers’ needs. Xpedigo is faster, cheaper, and more effective than their perceived competitors.

Heuristic algorithms drive their AI based routing engine A.I.D.A. (Artificial intelligent Dispatch Algorithm). While their solution is currently managing their customers transactions, a possible SAAS model could already be in the works – stay tuned!



They currently have over 250 regular recurring customers.

Simply download the Xpedigo app and ship – in less than 1 minute, the parcel is on its way from anywhere within greater Montreal. The platform will assign a delivery partner to the user and the package will be picked up at the user’s location. Track and trace all stages of the delivery in real-time and receive notifications once the package has reached its final destination.

Not only will customers benefit through the Xpedigo platform but delivery partners will also have the opportunity to enjoy a flexible schedule where they can manage their free time easily. In just one click, they will have access to the deliveries in their town with planned delivery routes providing the most efficient, convenient, and simple delivery process for both the user and deliverers.

Xpedigo’s biggest challenge within the coming year is managing growth in the current context. Home delivery is now ”front and center” in retailers’ minds. Managing customers’ expectations (shippers and recipients alike) as well as concentrating their efforts and resources in the right places represents a challenge.



Jordan Arshinoff Foss, Co-founder & CEO – Jordan holds over 20 years of experience in logistics, sales, business management, and transportation. Jordan is passionate about people and relationships.

Paul-Henri Erhard, Co-founder & CTO – Paul has over 17 years of experience in IT technology. As a driven full-stack developer, Paul is proficient in creating complex algorithms, slick UI’s, and effective management tools.



Following further expansion and growth, Xpedigo plans to raise $1,000,000 in capital which will be allocated towards IT development and business growth; this includes sales and infrastructure.

Xpedigo is proud to have been entirely bootstrapped since their initial launch and it’s amazing to see the tremendous growth and traction they’ve achieved through their internal efforts. Xpedigo attributes its successes to their hardworking and ambitious team of 9 full-time employees. As they look to fulfill new goals, Xpedigo is planning to expand their team and in doing so, they are currently in the process of hiring an additional 6 employees in operations, sales, and IT.


Revenue Model

Xpedigo’s main asset is their intellectual property. Their business funds itself through transactional revenue.



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