Yupp – April 14

14 Apr 2020


Link your banks. Get notifications. Track your daily spend and save. Mindful spending means healthier finances.

Yupp helps you easily see where your money is going each day. They make it easier than ever to keep all your money movements front of mind, whether it’s invisible spending like a subscription, fees, or fraud; or whether it’s visible spending like your ritual morning coffee. See all your personal finance activity in one place, whether you use multiple banks or just one, and get real, personalized insight.


Yupp launched on the AppStore about a month ago and already has a 4.8 rating. Yupp is built on the most secure, cutting-edge technology which allows the team to relentlessly focus on building a more personalized, daily engaging application which helps create healthy and sustainable financial habits.



Justin Hugh, Co-Founder & CEO – Justin is an experienced large project leader having held positions previously at Stantec and Hatch as a consulting engineer, and the Ontario MOECC as a Senior Engineer. He’s also mounted a fully original musical comedy theatre production with a 100 person team.

Connor Fowlie, Co-Founder & CTO – Connor has 8 years experience in developing data and security products. Most recently he was an early employee at Identos where he helped military and healthcare operators encrypt and secure their sensitive information.



Yupp is currently securing funding in order to acquire the best marketing and product talent which will help their users address their complex personal needs by using the platform.

Revenue Model

Their current business model revolves around helping users understand their spending behaviour better than any other platform and helping them leverage that knowledge to find the products that represent the most value to them. For example, pairing a cash strapped user with a no-fee account, or a user with high travel spending with the program with the greatest rewards for their specific behaviour. Users do not pay a thing, and Yupp receives commissions from the service providers for connecting them with high-quality customers.


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