ZeroIn – 5 May

05 May 2020


ZeroIN’s mission is to cut down our consumption of sugar, so they have created an entirely sugar-free chocolate. Unlike their main competitors who add erythritol to their chocolate, ZeroIN uses no sugar-alcohols, is high in soluble fibre, and vegan-friendly. ZeroIN truly is the guilt-free chocolate you have been searching for.

The origin story of ZeroIN is a personal one for its creator and founder, Ed Sosa. In 2016 Ed’s wife, Lety, was pregnant with their baby girl. She was late into her second trimester when they learned that this pregnancy wasn’t going to go as smoothly as they had dreamed, because Lety and their unborn daughter were at risk because of gestational diabetes. At that time, Ed had completed his Ph.D. in Health Science, and knew that he had to find a way to help control Lety’s blood sugar levels for the health of her and their baby. Ed dug into the research knowing that there had to be a natural solution. It was then that he discovered that some plants, such as moringa, can help to reduce blood glucose levels. More importantly, Ed and Lety felt that an ounce of prevention is a lot better than a ton of cure.

This experience changed their lives and marked the beginning of a family business. Their mission, now, is to help people from around the world cut down on sugar without giving up delicious sweets like chocolate.


ZeroIN was launched in January in 2020 with the goal of helping people to reduce sugar intake. Within 3 months the company received more orders than it could produce with their current capacity. They produce chocolate bars and bites, in a variety of flavours, all of which are plant-based, gluten free, high in fibre, and sugar free.



Ed Sosa, Founder and CEO – Ed has a PhD in Health Sciences. He has founded health food companies which focus on the production of plant-based snacks. Ed has also taught biochemistry and molecular biology at multiple universities.



ZeroIN has been bootstrapped until now. They are now looking to raise $500,000. The main goal of fundraising efforts is to build a high-tech chocolate manufacturing facility to produce their better-for-you-chocolate. They also want to ensure ZeroIN Sugar-Free Chocolate can be distributed nationwide. Their plan is to secure funding to build the facility and start fulfilling existing orders immediately. From there they want to build an in-house sales team to expand their D2C amazon channel as well as current B2B channels.

Revenue Model

ZeroIn sells direct to consumers through Amazon and their online store, as well as in stores in Halifax, such as Organic Earth Market, Pete’s Fine Foods, Luminate Co, Boost Health, and others.


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