Case Study

Hopeful Inc

Hopeful Inc
UX/UI Design

Project Brief

Hopeful Inc is developing a web platform which allows non-profits to collect data, analyze social media engagement, and provide actionable insights on their marketing strategies. The Hopeful team contacted us as they wanted to refresh the Dashboard and Analytics pages of their platform.

Services provided

UX/UI design 01


The main design goal was to simplify and restructure a data heavy layout of web app pages, so it is easier for people to track collected data and analyze social media engagement. We analyzed different types of dashboards, choosing the one that fit our purposes best. We also selected chart types that would represent data clearly, basing the design decision on the number of variables and data points.


Before working on the design of high-fidelity mockups, we wireframed the screens to give our client an idea of the new layout and features as well as to explain the functionality of certain elements and the flow. Having received valuable feedback from our stakeholders, we iterated the designs, and after a successful presentation got approval to move forward.

Colour Palette

Secondary Colours:
Hopeful Signature Colours:

UI Design

As we were working with an already existing interface of the Hopeful web app, we had to follow the design guidelines closely. However, we got our client’s permission to tweak some visual aspects of the interface, since it would significantly improve overall user experience to do so. Thus, while keeping the brand colours of Hopeful, we extended their palette, adding new shades and tints of their signature blue and yellow, to make the interface more refreshing and versatile. Additionally, we improved the typographic hierarchy, having refined not only sizes and positioning, but spacing as well. This allows users to organize and indicate different sections on the screen so that it is easy to consume the content. By repositioning data visualization and establishing the right accents, we made complex and hard to read data intuitive and approachable.

Summary 02

The Virtus Groups design team acted as an extension of the Hopeful team, providing them with high quality on-demand UX/UI design capability. Hopeful were able to reimagine their platform, optimizing its performance, without the lengthy and expensive process of onboarding a new design team.

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