Case Study

Sage Groupy App

Virtus Groups
UX/UI Design, Development, Commercialization

Project Brief

Sage Groupy is a web platform which matches freelancers and companies looking to complete projects. Virtus Groups was tasked with developing the app, taking the concept all the way from ideation to commercialization. We employed our integrative approach to provide UX/UI design and development capacity through adaptive methodologies which ensured the Sage Groupy app was delivered on time, within budget, and to scope.

Brand identity 01

We rebranded Sage Groupy to reflect the flexibility and liveliness of the freelance lifestyle. To achieve this, we used fluid, water drop-like shapes that served as a metaphor for the benefits of being a freelancer, such as the scheduling freedom and pursuit of personal passions. We also applied a pastel gradient colour palette to make the product stand out from its competitors. The result — Sage Groupy received an attractive, curiosity provoking, and lively image that is enjoyable to interact with.

Colour Palette

Typography – SF Pro Display & SF Pro Text


UX/UI Design and Development

UX/UI design & development 02


Prior to creating a rebrand for Sage Groupy, we conducted a competitive analysis, having determined the brand’s positioning, values, strengths, and weaknesses. The main problem was the outdated visual image of Sage Groupy and partially counter intuitive interface. To resonate with the contemporary tastes and life patterns of the target audience, we developed a completely new image that would impact existing users as well as catch the attention of a new audience.


Having tested an existing Sage Groupy online platform, we identified a list of UX problems that had to be solved in order to provide the best experience to freelancers and clients using the platform. We visualized the design solution in the wireframes to verify the new layout and flow.

UI Design

We applied the new color palette, typography, iconography, and logotype created during the rebranding stage to the web platform itself. In order to keep the user interface easy on the eye, we used bright solid and gradient colours only for visual elements that have to signal their interactivity or status, while predominantly utilizing a scale of grays from very light to medium. Taking advantage of the interface’s grid structure, we created a series of cards which allowed us to store different kinds of content in an organized and easy to manage way.


Due to the time and financial constraints, we did not have an opportunity to complete the full landing page and web platform rebrand. Nevertheless, having identified the most crucial UX issues of the current product, we decided to fix those anyways, doing our best to save the development time by utilizing the same UI components that have already been designed and fixing the functionality of the product, while defining its optimum workflow.

Commercialization 03

Beta Testing

Beta testing served as a perfect way to validate the product’s usability and functionality. Having been used and tested by a great number of real users, this crucial feedback allowed us to indicate the flaws and fix those issues before the major product release. Additionally, it gave us an idea about prioritization of features and concerns for the next versions of the product.


The platform still requires a series of improvements, even though the major bugs and issues are fixed. We are collecting feedback from the current user base that will be applied to enhance the quality of the product. Prior to launching an absolutely rebranded Sage Groupy, we are also planning to enhance its online presence by building a story around the product and articulating its value.

Summary 04

Virtus Groups delivered full-cycle product development to create the Sage Groupy web app. Our development and design team world closely with Sage Groupy’s to design and build a product which fit their vision perfectly. We utilized our broad skill set and integrative approach to provide multiple capabilities in a method which fit in with Sage Groupy’s needs and schedule. The result – the Sage Groupy web app was created and freelancers and job posters’ problems are solved.

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