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Project Brief

Sage Groupy is a web platform which matches freelancers and companies looking to complete projects. Virtus Groups was tasked with building and executing a full marketing strategy, including branding and communications, in order to launch Sage Groupy and attract freelancers and job posters to the site. We employed our integrative approach to ensure Sage Groupy launched successfully and had all assets in place to attract users and scale efficiently.

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Brand and Communications

We rebranded Sage Groupy to reflect the flexibility and liveliness of the freelance lifestyle. To achieve this, we used fluid, water drop-like shapes that served as a metaphor for the benefits of being a freelancer, such as the scheduling freedom and pursuit of personal passions. We also applied a pastel gradient colour palette to make the product stand out from its competitors. Sage Groupy received an attractive, curiosity provoking, and lively image that is enjoyable to interact with.

In terms of communications we created a complete communication guideline and developed value propositions. Given the profile of Sage Groupy’s competitors it was important to clearly convey the advantages associated with posting a job through the platform and with seeking work through the platform. Key messages which can be used across various media were devised as central to the overall marketing strategy was a multi-channel approach. As the platform is a two-sided market these key messages and value propositions had to be all-encompassing, which we achieved through the tone, voice, and feel of all language used in crafting the communications.
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Before devising a complete marketing strategy for Sage Groupy we took a data-driven look at how the platform was reaching its audience in its early stages. There was some data available regarding some paid advertisements which had already been run. We analyzed the cost per conversion, per sign up rate, and per job post rate with a view to understanding which platform was the most cost effective. We also looked at the amount of jobs that had been posted, the amount completed, and the number of bids each job attracted. This gave us an insight into how users were reaching the platform and helped us understand how the platforms audience wanted to access job posting services.


We conducted research into how Sage Groupy’s competitors acquired users. We carried out an evaluation of the marketing activities of these organizations, with a particular focus on which social media channels they leveraged and on how they used such channels. We discovered that the execution of a comprehensive content marketing strategy would be central to the success of Sage Groupy’s growth.

Aside from acquiring deeper knowledge of Sage Groupy’s customers through data analysis, we conducted some user research on the functionality of the platform in order to understand what features the audience saw as most valuable to them. We were able to use this feedback to hone the communication guidelines we developed as well as using it to inform the content we would be releasing through our social channels. For example, through collecting user feedback we discovered that many freelancers lack experience in dealing with larger organizations. As such, we decided to incorporate tips on how to do so into our content marketing plans.

Setting Up

Once we understood where Sage Groupy’s audience consumed content online, how they accessed job posting platforms, and had augmented our communications and marketing content frameworks we were ready to begin execute our strategy. We teed up the execution phase by creating a presence for Sage Groupy on the social media platforms we had targeted as most important. We ensured all profiles were consistent in their appearance and in their style of language. We then created and curated the content which we would be posting through these social channels. Finally we identified where we wanted to place paid advertisements. Our strategy was complete and ready to attract users to Sage Groupy.

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For Sage Groupy to fully penetrate their market and attract users we needed to experiment with different methods of paid advertising and understand which social media channels would be most effective in converting audience members into users. We discovered that users responded positively to different content on different channels. For example through A/B testing we learned that freelance graphic designers were attracted to the platform through Instagram posts that displayed visually-focused content. Also, we found that social platforms based around forums and discussions were worth focusing on as that is often where freelancers went in search of advice or tips.


Once we had identified which platforms converted users most effectively we focused on creating unique content for these platforms. We also established dynamic KPIs to push the growth of the platform and ensure users, both freelancers and job posters, were attracted at an exponential rate. We continued to execute this strategy, developing and posting content, for Sage Groupy, allowing them to focus on improving the platform itself as it grew in popularity.

Summary 04

Virtus Groups devised and executed a complete marketing strategy for Sage Groupy. We handled all elements of their growth marketing strategy, as well as updating their brand identity and devising communications guidelines. This project was a great opportunity for the Virtus team to use their broad base of skills and experiences, and integrative approach, to execute on several fronts and complete the activities Sage Groupy needed to launch their platform and attract the users they need to guarantee their success.

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