Case Study

Virtus Groups

Case Study
Brand Identity, Web Design
23 Oct 2019

Our Brand

A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets an organization can own. We developed the Virtus Brand to better communicate that our service offerings are both high-end and flexible, two biggest needs of a high-growth organization. We needed to create an identity that not only looked amazing, but was functional and flexible.

Brand identity 01

Our Logo

Both strong and organic, logotype represents Virtus as a company with broad field of expertise. Typographical manner is simple, smart and reliable, yet it has some distinctive, lively features which makes it more human-oriented. Intersective parts of logotype are very subtle and defines company’s overall holistic approach. The logotype feels infinitely timeless and within the minimalist touches, it creates a unique and memorable twist.

Full Version

Short Version

Our Colour Palette

A unique and recognizable colour palette was utilized, which had the effect of offering the distinct Virtus Groups touch. The primary colour for Virtus is dark blue. It creates a perfect balance between a reliable and modern tone. The secondary colours consist of vibrant blue, bright red, rich green, and light grey.

Light grey #ECECEC
Bright red #F01C01
Rich green #073436
Vibrant blue #2A23A5
Dark blue #08031E

Typography use interaction as well

Our typography was designed to be our visual voice and, when used with design consistency, it helps us create our brand personality. Our primary typeface is Messina Sans; clean, distinctive and legible, we use it in a regular weight, dependent on the expression needed.

Messina Sans Regular
Semibold Messina Sans
Guiding principles 02

Tone of Voice

Our tone of voice is the key to our process of generating copy, and to ensuring our content is on-brand. We developed our tone of voice to match the personality of the organization and ensure we connected with our audience.


Confident —

We know what we’re doing


Candid —

We get straight to the point


Fearless —

We embrace the challenges

Identity in Action

For a brand identity to have an impact, it needs to be applied in the real world. Here are a couple of examples of how our brand can be applied to create sales and marketing materials that stand out.

Website 03


Our website is the primary source of information on our organization, so it was essential that we created a website that not only looks amazing, but easily translates our value propositions and services to our web traffic.


Throughout our website we use interactions and micro-interactions as a way to bring our brand to life and better engage visitors.


Having a brand that looks amazing is great, but without striking content to bring it to life, brands fall flat. We translated our tone of voice into the copy for our website, consistently communicating how Virtus Groups helps our clients.

Summary 04


Creating a brand for your own organization, as opposed to a client, is always an interesting project. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, as the brand we created has allowed us to better communicate who Virtus Groups is, what Virtus Groups does, who Virtus Groups does it for, and why our clients should choose us.

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