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Virtus Testing App

Virtus Groups
UX/UI Design, Development, Commercialization
01 Apr 2019

Project Brief

Over the course of hiring for 100 positions and reviewing thousands of resumes, we identified a significant gap in the hiring process. The standard resume review and interview processes are filled with unconscious biases, and these traditional methods have no way of quantitatively appraising candidates. To solve these problems we developed the Virtus Testing platform, a set of comprehensive aptitude and personality assessments created on proprietary Virtus tech. After our internal success, we commercialized the platform to allow other organizations harness the power of effective pre-employment screening. In addition to the assessments, we developed the brand identity, positioned the platform, created the UI/UX for the platform, and have now launched the product into an early revenue stage.

Brand identity 01

We needed to develop an identity that fit in with the existing, distinct Virtus Groups brand, but also allowed us to showcase the more digital and technology-based brand of Virtus Hire.

We created a simple variation on the Virtus Groups logo, used a similar font, but with a different, more vibrant colour palette, and fun more tech-centric illustration design. This allowed us to create a fun and light-hearted brand that still stayed true to our belief in the importance of pre-employment screening.

Colour Palette


Typography –
SF Pro Text



UX/UI Design and Development

UX/UI design & development 02


Great products come from an impeccable understanding of the core problem your customers are facing. When designing Virtus Hire, we used a series of research methods including Stakeholder Interviews, User Interviews, and Competitive Analysis, to gain a stronger understanding of the core problem the platform solves. We were then able to translate these insights into the design of the product, maximizing its efficacy.


Rather than immediately attempting to build the final product, we worked through a series of prototypes. This started with the basics of Paper Prototyping of the principles behind the product, before moving to User Testing, and eventually moving into Interactive Prototyping, which allowed us to understand the ideal flow and data visualization of the platform.

UI Design

Through the insights generated from our research and wireframing phases, we were able to translate the brand we had created into a platform with a seamless flow and steller design.


The entire Virtus Testing platform was built with a focus on scalability to ensure while we continue to add users the platform remains useable. We also worked to ensure the security of all user data as privacy was a top concern.

Commercialization 03

Beta Testing

Throughout our initial beta test we identified two main groups of companies who would benefit most from our testing solution; high growth companies, and financial firms were individuals with above-average aptitude and prolific work rate were a necessity.


For our initial launch, we used a simple, yet direct, strategy. We created a landing page which explained the core value of the product with the needs of each target customer in mind. We then drove traffic to the page using both a targeted email sequence and a LinkedIn outreach campaign, which led to quality form submissions from our target customers.

Summary 04

The Virtus Testing product continues to be very much a work in progress, however, the substantial progress we have achieved and the amazing user adoption shows the need for this product. We are excited to continue building Virtus Testing and watch it grow.

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