Case Study

Unprecedented Growth in a Major Cannabis Player

Case Study
Cannabis Producer
31 Mar 2019

After a reverse takeover of Bevo Agro by Sun Pharm Investments, Zenabis Global was formed and had the potential to become one of the largest Licensed Producers in the world. By transitioning traditional propagation greenhouse spaces into cannabis producing spaces, Zenabis immediately had one of the largest potential production capacities of any licensed producer, however they faced numerous challenges in tackling their ambitious plan of becoming a cannabis powerhouse.

Challenge 01

The Challenge

We were approached by the management group of Zenabis during the merger of Sun Pharm Pharmaceutical and Bevo Argo. As a newly formed company, they had a long list of crucial tasks to complete if they were to reach their objective of becoming one of the world’s largest LP.
In order to achieve this goal, they needed to recruit more than 50 key employees immediately, transform agri-propagation greenhouses into massive cannabis producing spaces, complete a number of projects unique to the industry, and transition out of their parent company.

Delivered 02

We Delivered

Talent Acquisition

With a team of strategic decision makers in place, Zenabis knew what direction they needed to go, but they lacked the personnel to complete all the necessary tasks to get them there.

With our execution-first mentality, we assisted Zenabis by sourcing talent more than 20 positions to for them, including key roles at the Vice President and Director level.

We also placed a number of individuals in fixed term contracts, including some of our own employees, within Zenabis to provide temporary support for pressing matters. In some cases we provided support within a 24-hour notification period.

Throughout our recruitment process we implemented the Virtus Testing solution, our proprietary web-based candidate screening platform, which allowed us to identify extraordinary candidates and efficiently ensure cultural fit within the organization. Zenabis has subsequently implemented our testing process throughout their organization and rely upon it heavily in their hiring process.



Project Management
To achieve their ambitious plan of turning a standard plant propagation greenhouse into the world’s largest, and most high-spec, cannabis producing facility at their Langley operation, we developed a project charter and sourced the team that would execute the transition.

Currently, the project is ahead of schedule, and cultivation of the first crops of cannabis has begun.

We also designed and supplied engaging corporate wear for the Zenabis marketing team to distribute to employees to increase brand awareness.

We worked with Zenabis, in close collaboration with their former parent company, to transition out all parent company staff once Zenabis became a public company in their own right.

Results 03


Zenabis is now a fully formed company, with a head office staff count of over 100, and their total employee pool is still growing rapidly. They are now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:ZENA) and are poised for continued growth, thanks to the tasks we executed for them. We continue our close relationship with Zenabis and couldn’t be more excited with what we have helped them accomplish.

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